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ARD Spares a Law School Graduate from a Career Ending Conviction

Apr 13 2018, by Michael Fienman in Case Results, DUI, Legal Blog, Professional Defense, Traffic Defense

People dedicate a lot of time, money, and effort into building their careers. However, a single mistake, like being charged with a crime can quickly derail everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. If this happens to you, it is important to not compound your problems and work with an experienced attorney from the very beginning.

Recently, a fresh law school graduate was involved in a traffic accident but left the scene before the police arrived. The car that he was driving was eventually impounded and the original attorney (not Mr. Fienman) that this man hired only made things worse. Based on his first lawyer’s poor advice, the client provided a less than truthful statement to the authorities, which led to several charges related to leaving the scene of an accident as well as giving a false statement. This is significant because providing a false statement to authorities is considered a crime of dishonesty and is taken very seriously by The Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners and the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board. Now with his entire future in jeopardy, he quickly realized that he needed more experienced legal help and decided to retain Fienman Defense.

With the goal of preserving his client’s burgeoning career and to obtain the best possible resolution, attorney Fienman first had to negate the problems that the original lawyer created. This led to exhaustive negotiations with the officer involved and the District Attorney, who were initially not very eager to discuss alternatives. Nevertheless, because of his experience in dealing with law enforcement and knowing the right people to speak with, attorney Fienman advocated favorably for his client. By articulating the circumstances and negotiating with the district attorney’s office, he facilitated his client’s entry into the ARD program. In completing ARD and a specific requirement of 60 hours of community service, his client was able to avoid a conviction on his record. Essentially, this put his client in a much better position when dealing with The Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners. Attorney Fienman kept the Board informed and by illustrating that his client was not convicted due to the ARD program, after a hearing and progress updates, this young graduate (who had already passed the bar but had not yet been admitted to practice) secured his law license.

As this young lawyer learned the hard way, there are a lot of subtleties to effectively deal with a criminal charge. This is not something you want to leave up to chance or in the hands of a less than capable professional. With years of comprehensive experience in and around Philadelphia, criminal defense attorney Michael Fienman knows what’s on the line for his clients, what it takes to succeed, and you can rely on the fact that he will personally address your concerns from start to finish.

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