When a man in Montgomery County found himself in significant trouble after a few separate situations led to criminal charges, he knew that he’d need tenacious legal representation, capable of handling multiple cases and obviously retained criminal defense attorney Michael Fienman. Initially, the man was charged with a DUI and in an effort to avoid the suspension of his license, considerable fines, and a DUI conviction, he contacted attorney Fienman for help, who effectively defended the charges against him. Fienman argued that the officer’s account was unreliable since it was apparent the officer could not recall if his client was operating a running automobile. At trial, his client was found not guilty of a DUI and the case was eventually expunged, removing the incident from his record.

Then, a little over a year ago, the man again imbibed a little too much after a night out and mistakenly entered a home that did not belong to him. After falling asleep on the couch, he was awoken by the homeowner and subsequently charged with several criminal offenses including robbery. The man was able to resolve this misunderstanding by pleading guilty to a single charge of disorderly conduct; however, as a real estate agent, the man did not want the robbery-related charges negatively impacting his career, which often requires him to be in other peoples’ homes. Therefore, once he became eligible, he reached out to attorney Fienman to pursue an expungement. The prosecution hindered his expungement process by objecting to the removal of these charges. Fortunately, Fienman made a very persuasive argument before the judge, indicating that his client was never convicted and should not be unjustly penalized. The Judge agreed with Fienman’s swaying claim and approved the expungement.

While these other proceedings were pending their resolutions, the man became embroiled in another predicament, revolving around drinking too much. The intoxicated individual made the responsible decision to secure a ride home in a taxi, but in his diminished state, he thought that he had hired an Uber. Believing the driver’s services were prepaid, he refused to pay once he reached his destination. He exited the car and went inside, but the cab driver called the police, who promptly roused the man and charged him with theft. Again, the man came to attorney Michael Fienman in his time of need, who was able to simultaneously handle this issue with his other concerns. Fienman negotiated on his client’s behalf and was able to facilitate his enrollment in the Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP), will result in a dismissal after its completion.

After his legal issues finally concluded, the man could rest easy, without fear or serious impact on his life. While he may have had made a few unfortunate mistakes, his decision to consult and hire the experienced criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman, allowed him to avoid significant harm to his career, criminal record, or reputation.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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