Fienman Defense recently helped a man who had been charged with multiple charges of driving with a suspended license. When the man reached out to attorney Michael Fienman, he had four open driving-under-suspension tickets, in multiple states, which he had never been responded to. With four outstanding tickets, this man would have been looking at four additional years of license suspension.

When Montgomery County criminal attorney, Michael Fienman was contacted, he carefully reviewed the details and evidence of the case. After Fienman Defense was hired, Michael stood by his client’s side. He succeeded in withdrawing all tickets his client received in Pennsylvania and helped reinstate his client’s driver’s license.

For the driving-under-suspension ticket received in New Jersey, the client was found guilty of a lesser charge but more importantly, the client was not penalized with a driving suspension.

For the three, separate suspension tickets received in Pennsylvania, all tickets were ultimately withdrawn by the police officers after Michael Fienman spoke with the officers involved – one of the tickets resolved by the Chief-of-Police in Horsham Township, whom Michael Fienman spoke to directly on his client’s behalf. There were no fines the client needed to pay for any of the prior tickets received in Pennsylvania.

Any outstanding warrants for the client’s arrest were successfully thrown out.

In Pennsylvania, the client’s case was scheduled for arraignment in Montgomery County Magisterial District Court 38-1-14 in Hatboro, Montgomery County Magisterial District Court 38-2-08 in Willow Grove, and Montgomery County Magisterial District Court 38-1-22 in Horsham (where the Chief-of-Police withdrew the charge).

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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