While everyone makes youthful mistakes, it is important to remember that all actions have consequences, occasionally rising to the level of criminal charges. In a recent case involving illegal street racing handled by Fienman Defense, it became clear that fast cars, reckless bravado, and youth are sometimes a terrible combination with very real ramifications.

Keep in mind that marks against your driving record can be extremely costly and will follow you for a long time. If you are involved in a difficult legal situation involving mistakes on the road, it is critical to consult a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer with considerable experience in handling traffic matters to thoroughly review your situation and fight to protect your record.

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The Fast & The Reckless

In a cheap imitation of a racecar movie, a 23-year-old man was recently leaving a parking lot when a right of way dispute with another driver escalated past insults and obscene gestures. The two men allegedly sidled up to each other at an intersection and made the foolish decision to race, jockeying to beat the other out, and eventually blew through a red light.

This careless pursuit of machismo in broad daylight did not end with cheers from adoring onlookers, impressed with screeching tires and flashy cars. Instead, the other driver t-boned an innocent driver, causing an accident involving serious bodily injuries. The scene was apparently grisly and when police officers responded, and despite not being directly involved in the crash, the 23-year-old found himself cited for a plethora of traffic violations, including reckless driving, failing to stop at a red signal, and the very serious offense of illegal street racing on the highway.

Dangerous Curves and Harsh Consequences

In these cases, you won’t be able to defend yourself by claiming you wanted to show off how fast your car is or you felt challenged by another driver. Though states may classify excessive displays of speed differently, the state’s courts and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) are rather unsympathetic to drivers cited for illegal racing and other dangerous practices, like street racing, drag racing, peel outs, drifting, and other activities since they see a real need to curb these risky behaviors.

Those found guilty of certain offenses face corrective actions including expensive fines, the addition of restrictive points on their driving record, and even lengthy suspension periods. Due to stark nature of his violations and in addition to exorbitant fines and costs, this 23-year-old had to deal with the possibility of having three points immediately added to his license for the red signal ticket, a six-month license suspension for reckless driving, and an additional six-month suspension for illegal racing on highways. Furthermore, even after serving such a significant period of being unable to legally drive, when his license is reinstated, it would have six points added, which will assuredly affect his insurance rates and driving record for some time.

Shift Gears and Contact an Experienced Philadelphia Traffic Attorney

To avoid such drastic penalties for what was admittedly a rash and immature mistake, the young man made the sensible decision to find a highly-skilled traffic attorney, eventually consulting with Fienman Defense. As a veteran Pennsylvania traffic lawyer with considerable experience handling illegal racing cases, Michael Fienman has earned distinction across Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, as well as throughout Philadelphia for his extensive knowledge and ability to get the results other attorneys may not.

After reviewing the facts and going over his client’s options, it was clear this young man’s record should not disproportionately suffer. Therefore, attorney Fienman began working towards achieving a favorable resolution. This led to negotiations with the officers involved and through his astute understanding of the traffic code, he conveyed that many of the citations involved were ill-suited to what accrued.

Ultimately, attorney Fienman secured an agreement to have the red-light citation amended to a no-point violation, the reckless driving charge reduced to careless driving, which includes three points, but no suspension, and impressively his client saw the complete withdraw of the illegal racing offense. Once 12 months pass without incident, the three points for careless driving will fall off his record and after the payment of a few hundred dollars in fines, this 23-year-old will move on with a cautionary tale about racing, but more importantly zero points on his driving record.

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A serious traffic case like reckless driving or illegal racing can put anyone in a very difficult position that includes expensive fines, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and even endangering your livelihood through a license suspension. When you are up against traffic violations with the potential to significantly impact your life, you need a highly-skilled attorney, capable of achieving the best possible outcome.

Attorney Michael Fienman is experienced in various traffic-related matters throughout Pennsylvania and is dedicated to being by your side every step of the way and zealously working to protect your license.

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