Not too long ago, a 53-year-old woman from Philadelphia retained the legal services of Fienman Defense after she was found leaving the scene of an accident after causing a rear-end collision. The woman, fearful of the penalties she was facing if caught, fled the scene as she was on probation for prior felonies and was driving under a suspended license. Facing a maximum of 20 years in state jail, the woman relayed her concerns to Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Michael Fienman.

Attorney Fienman immediately reviewed her case and remained available to her throughout the entire process of her case. The car she rear-ended was carrying two adults and three children. The impact of the collision inflicted serious bodily injury upon two of the children who were taken to the hospital for acute care, therefore resulting in a felony-level charge for our client. With a witness recording the license plate number of our client, police officers issued a warrant for her arrest. It was under Fienman’s command that police officers allowed her to turn herself in to avoid any potential embarrassment of being taken away by authorities at work.

Before retaining the services of Fienman Defense, our client admitted her guilt to both her probation officer and the police, stating that she did, in fact, flee the scene of the accident. Her statement made it essentially impossible to avoid a conviction of this magnitude. Fienman knew this and strategically reached out to the district attorney prior to the preliminary hearing. By negotiating a plea deal before heading into court, our client saw a far more favorable result. The woman was sentenced to house arrest with work release for one year and probation for the following four years. In an astounding result, our client did not serve any time in jail.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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