When you are accused of a crime in Pennsylvania, it is absolutely critical to consult with a capable criminal defense attorney. A skilled lawyer will not only work to clear your name, but their experience will be vital when you need to navigate the complex criminal justice system to obtain the best possible outcome. This advice recently helped a man, when he found himself charged with a litany of drug-related charges and a weapons offense, stemming from a drug raid in Bucks County.

Apparently, Fienman’s client was involved with two other individuals accused of selling narcotics out of area motels. When the police executed a warrant at a Bucks County motel and searched the two rooms that were rented by the man in question, they found marijuana and heroin, drug paraphernalia, and a shotgun stowed in the mattress of one room. In the other room, the police recovered a considerable amount of drugs, including heroin and cocaine. This led to a total of 15 drug offenses including numerous counts of manufacture, delivery, and possession with the intent to distribute. The man’s situation was further complicated by the fact that he had other, similar cases (some pending and some adjudicated) in nearby jurisdictions, which heightened the potential penalties on all of the charges and caused the man to also be charged with prohibited possession of a firearm. Faced with the very grim reality of being incarcerated for 12 years or more in state prison, the man needed very serious legal representation and while he was incarcerated, his family contacted Fienman Defense.

Attorney Michael Fienman knew that his client’s options were limited based on his record, but nevertheless, he tenaciously worked on his client’s behalf to find the best possible result. Through effective negotiations, attorney Fienman convinced the prosecutor to withdraw the firearm charge entirely and reduce the drug charges to a single count of possession with the intent to distribute, based on the smaller amount found in the room his client actually occupied. During the sentencing hearing, and due to attorney Fienman’s ability to reduce the charges and advocate for his client, the judge handed down a remarkable 10-month jail sentence, which allowed credit for the time the man had already served while awaiting trial. Under Fienman’s skillful representation, this client was pleased to remove any consequences for a very serious firearm charge and radically decreased the time he needed to spend behind bars, which was a massive win, based on his criminal history and the actual facts of the case.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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