A Northeast Philadelphia man was recently pulled over in Mansfield Township, New Jersey. He was charged with a second DUI, refusal of a chemical test, two counts possession of an open container in a vehicle, lack of registration, lack of insurance, reckless driving, windshield obstruction, careless driving, and faulty tail lights. These 11 charges represent some of the most serious traffic and motor vehicle offenses in the State of New Jersey.

Concerned about possible jail time and the impact of additional offenses on his record, the man sought out the help of Philadelphia defense attorney Michael Fienman, also licensed to practice in New Jersey. After reviewing discovery, which included police narrative and extensive police video footage, Michael was able to negotiate a plea deal – guilty for the DUI only. All other charges were dismissed. This reduced fines and court costs significantly – by over $1,500. In addition, by having the refusal of a chemical test charge dismissed, the man did not face a mandatory one-year driver’s license suspension.

In the end, the client was ordered to pay a little over $800 in fines and court costs, serve 30 days of community service, and participate in 48 hours of treatment at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. He is also not permitted to operate a vehicle in the State of New Jersey for two years and thereafter must have an ignition interlock device installed when driving in New Jersey. His Pennsylvania license remains valid.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.

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