There is nothing more frustrating than a speeding ticket when you are passing through from out of the area. Not only is it unclear what penalties actually apply to you both in Virginia and the other state, but it is also annoying to have to return so far away in order to fight charges. You might even be considering paying the fine so you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you are a Virginia driver and get a ticket in Pennsylvania, it is often in your best interest to fight the charges in Pennsylvania.

Driver’s Compact Requires Pennsylvania to Report Traffic Violations to Virginia

Although you may think that it is convenient to simply pay the fine in Pennsylvania, go home to Virginia and forget about the ticket, it may not be quite so simple. While you cannot accrue points on your Virginia license under the Pennsylvania point system, tickets are reported across borders and you can be held responsible for Pennsylvania violations that you have been found guilty of. Thanks to the Driver’s Compact, of which both Pennsylvania and Virginia are signatories, any traffic violations that you are charged with in Pennsylvania are reported to Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles can then assign points or levy punishments for actions based on Virginia, not Pennsylvania, law.

This means that you not only pay for the ticket in Pennsylvania, but also face any additional consequences for that violation or a violation that Virginia deems comparable under its laws. Usually, this would determine how many points you receive against your license; in the case of a DUI charge or other serious traffic crimes such as reckless driving or excessive speed, you could even penalties that include a license suspension, loss of driving privileges, and possibly additional out-of-pocket expenses in the form of surcharges or other fees.

Due to the seriousness of charges you may face in your home state after being ticketed in Pennsylvania, it is important that you take the ticket and the resulting proceedings seriously. You should consider contacting a local Philadelphia traffic lawyer who knows the local courts and will have the best chance of achieving the most favorable outcome for your case. If you are ticketed in the Philly area or counties of Bucks, Montgomery or Delaware, contact Fienman Defense at (215) 839-9529 for a free consultation on your case. With years of experience fighting traffic charges in Philadelphia and surrounding counties, we will ensure that you do not have to deal with any unforeseen consequences when you return home to Virginia.

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