Case Results


Not Guilty of Public Urination in Radnor Township

Sep 01 2021 in Case Results

Radnor Township police arrested a man for alleged public urination on County Line Road. The man reached out to Attorney Fienman for legal help. Mr. Fienman spoke with the arresting officer and ultimately the judge entered a not guilty verdict for the public urination charge….

Bench Warrant for Failed ARD Ends with Closed Case

Aug 18 2021 in Case Results

A woman facing a year-old bench warrant for failing to complete the ARD program in 2017 has since completed the program, resolved the warrant, and faced no further requirements thanks to Attorney Fienman’s guidance and representation. The woman, who was struggling with drug addiction, sought…

Insurance Fraud Investigation Results in No Charge

Aug 11 2021 in Case Results, Fraud

Attorney Fienman represented a woman who came to him when she realized she was under investigation for insurance fraud. Mr. Fienman intervened on her behalf by speaking with the Philadelphia Police Department officials who were trying to question his client. As a result of this…