Case Results


Driving under DUI Suspension Charge Amended For PA Man

Feb 02 2016 in Alcohol, Case Results, DUI

A client of Philadelphia dui attorney Michael Fienman was charged with speeding in Bucks County while driving on the Pennsylvania turnpike under a DUI suspended license. Facing up to 60 days incarceration and a 12-month license suspension, the 40-year-old man had some serious concerns as…

Alcohol Charges Expunged For St. Joseph’s University Freshman

Jan 28 2016 in Alcohol, Case Results

Fienman Defense frequently handles underage alcohol charges in the area for college students cited by the local police. Recently, a 19-year-old freshman from St. Joseph’s University was charged with public drunkenness, possession of alcohol, carrying false identification and giving it to the police. Under these…

Multiple Charges Reduced For Truck Driver

Jan 25 2016 in Case Results, Traffic Defense

Fienman Defense frequently represents clients in a variety of Philadelphia traffic offenses . A truck driver, recently pulled over in North Wales was cited for careless driving, driving without headlights and texting while driving. The man had been represented previously by attorney Michael Fienman and…