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Daycare entrance with children's backpacks on hooks

Possible Charges for Daycare Employees

Sep 14 2021 in Criminal Defense

Parents entrust the safety and well-being of their children with daycare providers every day. When a child is injured, police begin their criminal investigation with daycare employees. If you work at a Pennsylvania daycare and face criminal charges, get an experienced criminal defense lawyer to…

Man in ripped shirt being arrested

Arrested in Delco? Here’s What to Expect

Aug 08 2021 in Criminal Defense

An experienced Delaware County attorney can help clear your name. An arrest in Delco is different from Philly. One significant difference is that Delaware County prosecutes certain crimes more severely. An experienced criminal defender by your side could help you avoid conviction. Fienman Defense wants…

Gavel in front of judge writing paperwork

What is Prosecutorial Discretion?

May 13 2021 in Criminal Defense

Discretion means making a choice or judgment. When a prosecutor has discretion in your criminal case, they can choose how to prosecute a case or not at all. This room for decision-making is an opening for a criminal defense attorney to help you. They can…

Person using their phone to like and comment on social media

How Police Use Social Media: Fair Game or Foul Play?

Apr 09 2021 in Criminal Defense

Social media is where people share their lives. They post about personal struggles, work issues, family celebrations, and their pets. But if it’s where we share our lives, what rights do we have? Can you be arrested for what you post? Law enforcement uses photos,…