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Man in handcuffs

Philly’s High Crime Areas: What Are Your Rights?

Sep 07 2022 in Criminal Defense

According to The Philly Voice, nearly two-thirds of Philadelphia residents say the city is on the wrong track. Concerns about high crime, drugs, and public safety were cited as the top grievances facing the City of Brotherly Love by more than 70%. This reflects a…

Daycare entrance with children's backpacks on hooks

Possible Charges for Daycare Employees

Sep 14 2021 in Criminal Defense

Parents entrust the safety and well-being of their children with daycare providers every day. When a child is injured, police begin their criminal investigation with daycare employees. If you work at a Pennsylvania daycare and face criminal charges, get an experienced criminal defense lawyer to…

Man in ripped shirt being arrested

Arrested in Delco? Here’s What to Expect

Aug 08 2021 in Criminal Defense

An experienced Delaware County attorney can help clear your name. An arrest in Delco is different from Philly. One significant difference is that Delaware County prosecutes certain crimes more severely. An experienced criminal defender by your side could help you avoid conviction. Fienman Defense wants…