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Person with their hands behind their back being handcuffed by an officer

Arrested in Lower Merion? Here’s What to Expect

Mar 12 2024 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

So, you’ve been arrested in Lower Merion Township, and you’re probably asking, “What should you do now?” First, get the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer who is well-acquainted with local police, prosecutors, judges, and courts and knows how the township and Montgomery County…

Travelers at TSA checkpoint in airport

How to Deal with Airport Gun Charges at PHL

Jan 12 2024 in Firearms/Weapons, Legal Blog

Philadelphia International Airport is not the first place most people think of when they’re talking about a hotbed of Philadelphia gun crime. But an increasing trend has changed that. Almost every day, travelers at PHL are found to be carrying firearms through airport security. While…