Alleged Animal Theft Case Dismissed, Expunged

May 31 2023 in Case Results, Theft

What should have been a fun family outing turned into a legal headache for one client when her mother-in-law allegedly stole a dog from the Philadelphia SPCA. The client was unaware the animal had been taken, and although it was returned unharmed, she was charged…

Probation but No Prison Time for Felony Theft

Nov 17 2021 in Case Results, Theft

A man accused of stealing around $15,000 from a local Cub Scouts of America chapter was facing charges for felony theft, receiving stolen property, and related charges when he enlisted the help of Attorney Fienman. The defendant allegedly embezzled the money from the chapter’s fundraising…

Man Accused of Shoplifting Found Not Guilty, Charge Expunged

Sep 15 2021 in Case Results, Theft

A man was recently accused of shoplifting from Home Depot for allegedly not scanning some items at the self-checkout. This retail theft charge caused the self-employed government contractor to lose jobs while the case was pending. Fortunately, attorney Fienman defended the accused and fought to…