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Reversed License Suspension Despite Expired Time Limit to Appeal

Feb 26 2018, by Michael Fienman in Case Results, Traffic Defense

When people have a legal problem, sometimes they believe that all it takes to deal with the situation is a little initiative. However, things are never as easy as they seem and without precise and effective representation, things can get worse, very quickly. Some time ago, a successful professional found out that a mix-up with his paperwork initiated a driver’s license suspension and when he tried to correct the issue, he discovered the time limit to appeal the decision had already passed. This led him to the courthouse, where he attempted to resolve the matter without an attorney. After bouncing around departments and paying more than $200, the man filled out some irrelevant forms and was scheduled for a PennDOT hearing, even though PennDOT could not overturn his license suspension based on the appeal he filed. Once he found himself in a bureaucratic nightmare, it became clear that he needed real legal help from Fienamn Defense.

Within five minutes of discussing his situation, attorney Michael Fienman knew how to proceed.  First, he explained that courts and administrative offices are not designed to give people legal advice, rather they are meant to process you and collect your money. Then, attorney Fienman acted to protect his client’s license and remove his concerns. By filing a Nunc pro tunc motion, he filed a new appeal outside of the prior time limit, where he could explain the original confusion. At the same time, attorney Fienman worked with his contacts at PennDOT to “stay” or halt the imposition of the man’s suspension while the new appeal was pending. In the end, the man did retain his driver’s license and by working with a lawyer who knew the proper approach and how to succeed, an otherwise bewildering process moved forward without further complication and undue stress.

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