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After Hitting Multiple Police Cars a Man’s 2nd DUI was Reduced

Dec 20 2019, by Michael Fienman in Case Results

Fienman Defense recently helped a client charged with a second offense DUI after striking several police cars, parked outside of a Philadelphia police district. The driver left the scene, but officers located him by following a fluid trail to the man’s home and matching debris found at the scene to his car. As a second offense, he was ineligible for ARD, and if convicted, would likely be sentenced to the 90-day mandatory minimum.

Philadelphia DUI lawyer Michael Fienman reviewed the situation and discovered that the officers took too long to locate his client and were unable to administer the required DUI tests in the time allowed. This gave attorney Fienman an advantage in his negotiations and he resolved the case for a five-day sentence. This was completed over two weekends so the client could keep his job and diminish the impact on his life.

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