Case Results


Traffic Ticket Thrown Out

Sep 13 2023 in Case Results, Traffic Defense

Philadelphia attorney Michael Fienman represented a client facing fines and points on her record after a traffic citation. The woman had been driving on I-95 when she got into a three-vehicle accident. She later received a ticket in the mail for following too closely. However,…

DUI-Suspended License Case Withdrawn

Aug 30 2023 in Case Results, Traffic Defense

A local woman hired traffic attorney Michael Fienman after she was charged with driving under a DUI-suspended license. She faced 60 days in jail, a $500 fine, and a 12-month license suspension. Relying on his significant experience with these charges (1543B) and knowing the license…

Property Crime Cases Expunged

Jul 15 2023 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

Attorney Michael Fienman received a phone call from a previous client’s father asking for help with his own legal troubles. The man recently had a background check for a job that revealed charges from July 1983. He was in college at the time, arrested for…