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Being charged with a crime can cause you to be scared, anxious, and frustrated. All these feelings can cloud your judgment and make it harder to navigate the criminal justice system.

That’s why we recommend calling Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman right away. You want someone on your side who is objective and knows how to fight for you in the court system.

If you’re ready to defend yourself, call Fienman Defense at (610) 828-3338 or contact us through our online form. Our Montgomery County law office is conveniently located at 450 N Narberth Ave, Suite 2 in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

The Montgomery County Criminal Court Process

This may be your first time facing criminal charges or the first time a loved one’s been charged. We want you to know what to expect.


The police can arrest you when they believe you are committing or had recently committed a crime; however, they must have probable cause for the arrest. A good example of this would be drunk driving. If the police believe you are showing signs of intoxication, they can arrest you.

Sometimes arrests come after a criminal investigation. The police may spend weeks or months investigating a crime. If they have enough evidence that shows you were the culprit, they can obtain an arrest warrant.

The Booking Process

After the arrest, the police book you into jail. The Montgomery County Correctional Facility is 60 Eagleville Rd. in Eagleville, Pennsylvania.

You will either go there or to a local facility where the police take your fingerprints and gather basic information. You should not answer any questions during this time. Tell the police you will remain silent and want a lawyer.

Depending on the nature and severity of the alleged crime, the police may release you right away or hold you until you pay bail. Bail is set in most felony cases by a Magisterial District Judge.

Preliminary Hearing

During the preliminary hearing, a judge decides if there’s enough probable evidence that you committed the crime. If there isn’t, the judge dismisses the case. If there is, the case moves toward trial.

This hearing isn’t a full trial. It isn’t about whether you’re guilty or not. But it works a bit like a trial, and your criminal defense lawyer can defend you.

It’s an excellent opportunity to stop wrongful charges right away. If you don’t expect a dismissal, then your lawyer may push for the charges to be reduced or for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.


If the charges move forward after your preliminary hearing, you’ll have an arraignment within 30 days. This court appearance is simple, and your only job is to enter your plea. If you have a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer, you can waive the arraignment and skip this appearance.

Investigation and Preparation

One of the benefits of working with a criminal defense law firm in Montgomery County is that a lawyer dives into your case. We investigate the alleged crime, gather evidence, and carefully review all the facts.

At Fienman Defense, we believe in thoroughly preparing to defend you, whether or not we expect to go to trial.


Motions ask a judge to decide something in your case before trial. The right motions can make or break a case. If we believe we have enough evidence of your innocence, we may file a motion to dismiss. We can also file motions to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence.

Plea Bargain

In some cases, we know the evidence is stacked against you. If we don’t expect to win at trial, we will suggest accepting a plea deal to mitigate the consequences of a conviction. You may be able to get a lenient sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.


You have the right to defend yourself at trial with a jury of your peers. You also have the option of a bench trial, which means the judge decides your case.

Trials are intimidating, but you can rest assured that we will aggressively defend you before a judge or jury.


If a judge or jury finds you guilty, the next step is sentencing. When we handle your case, you’ll always be aware of the potential minimum and maximum sentence. You’ll know what you’re up against, and we’ll do everything we can to avoid this outcome.

Criminal Charges We Handle in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Courts

If you’re dealing with a summary offense, you’ll go through one of Montgomery County’s 30 Magisterial District Courts. Many towns and cities have their own.

But if you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony, then you go to the Court of Common Pleas at 2 East Airy St. in Norristown. Our Blue Bell law office is located just northeast of Norristown, making it easy for us to defend you in court.

We Represent People From All Parts of Montgomery County

Ready to Call a Montgomery County Lawyer for Help?

We don’t want anyone to underestimate how difficult it is to navigate the criminal justice system. It isn’t set up for people to defend themselves.

While public defenders are hardworking and admirable, they’re often over-worked and understaffed. The best way to prepare a vigorous defense is by hiring a criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County.

Fienman Defense is waiting to hear from you. Reach out through our online form or call (610) 828-3338 to schedule your consultation.