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Give yourself the best chance to avoid a drug crime conviction.

Your entire life is affected if you are convicted on drug charges in Philadelphia. Not only could you go to jail or prison, but you might also have to give up your career, depending on your profession.

A Philadelphia drug lawyer with Fienman Defense may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. You receive a customized, vigorous defense to help you achieve the best possible outcome. There may be options for your situation if you are a first-time offender or suffer from substance abuse.

Fienman Defense is ready to give you the best chance to avoid a drug conviction. Call (215) 839-9529 today to get a free, no-obligation consultation.

Strong Defense for Drug Crimes

Pennsylvania prosecutes drug offenses harshly. You deserve to have a criminal defense lawyer who is equally committed to clearing your name. Fienman Defense has earned a reputation for proactive, aggressive legal care for drug crimes such as:

Any drug crime may result in substantial criminal and collateral penalties. Our Philadelphia drug lawyers are relentless when it comes to defending your freedom.

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Benefit from Our Trial-Tested Lawyers

We have helped clients walk away from drug charges and others to avoid the harshest penalties. Our experienced trial lawyers know how to assess a case for potential negotiation to a lesser charge or even a dismissal. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, Fienman Defense has won acquittals in tough drug cases.

Our defense strategies begin with a careful examination of your case. It is possible to clear you of drug charges before you even see a courtroom if the police made errors during your arrest.

Illegal Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from “unreasonable search and seizure.” This protection extends to searches involving you, your car, your home, or your place of business.

Many drug arrests in Philadelphia begin with a traffic stop. The prosecution can only present lawfully obtained evidence. Any drugs or contraband obtained could be suppressed if the police lacked reasonable cause to pull you over.

Failure to Read Your Rights

Your arrest may also be unlawful or invalid if the arresting officer failed to give you Miranda Rights. You have the right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney. When the police intentionally or accidentally overlook this important detail, your attorney can pursue a dismissal.

Entrapment by Devious Undercover Stings

Entrapment occurs when police officers induce a person to engage in a criminal act, such as buying drugs, that they otherwise would not do. Some undercover drug stings cross the line from law enforcement to entrapment.

Entrapment is a viable defense in certain drug cases.

Drugs Belong to Someone Else

If you share your home, apartment, or dorm, your roommate could possess drugs without your knowledge or consent. A Philadelphia drug crime lawyer looks for evidence that disputes the drugs belonged to you, such as testimony from an eyewitness or fingerprints.

Substance Is Not an Illicit Drug

The prosecution must show that the substance found on you or in your home is an illicit drug. An attorney can push for a mistrial or dismissal if there are errors or discrepancies in handling evidence or testing.

You Have Authority or Permission

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Pennsylvania, but medical cannabis is permitted with a prescription from an authorized provider. As long as you are within the legal limits, a licensed medical cannabis user is not breaking the law. Likewise, a pharmacist or other authorized individual may carry or transport certain drugs as part of their job.

Lack of Intent

Without solid evidence that you intended to sell or distribute drugs, the prosecution may have difficulty proving that you are a drug dealer or trafficker. It is challenging to win a conviction based solely on circumstantial evidence.

We Handle all Drug Crimes

Penalties for Drug Crimes

The penalties for drug crimes range from minimal to life behind bars. Several factors determine sentencing for drug crimes in Philadelphia, including:

  • Amount
  • Quantity
  • Type
  • Prior convictions
  • Use of force
  • Weapon
  • Location (drug crimes near schools or on federal property automatically trigger stiffer punishment)

Drug Crime Penalties at a Glance


Possession of 30 grams or less is a misdemeanor with fines up to $500 and 30 days in jail. Over 30 grams results in fines up to $5,000 and one year in jail.


Less than 10 grams is punishable by a maximum one-year prison sentence; up to four years if 100 grams or more are found.


Possession of up to five grams is a felony, punishable by a two-year prison sentence. Carrying 50 grams or more has a maximum of five years imprisonment.


Less than 10 grams is punishable by up to three years in prison. Possessing over 100 grams can result in five years of imprisonment.

FAQ Philadelphia Drug Charges

Why Hire a Lawyer When There Are Free Public Defenders?

We admire the hard work of public defenders. Public defenders are typically overworked and lack the staff and resources to devote a lot of time to your case. The value of an experienced criminal defense attorney is incomparable when you consider the risk of spending months or years in prison, losing your job, and ruining your reputation.

Are There Diversionary Programs or Alternatives to Jail for a Drug Crime?

An experienced drug defense lawyer will seek alternatives to jail or prison. One option is the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. The purpose of ARD is to help first-time, non-violent offenders avoid the criminal justice system. ARD includes substance abuse treatment, community service, probation, victim restitution, and other requirements instead of jail or prison.

Could I Have a Drug Charge Expunged From My Record?

It is possible to have drug charges expunged from your record in specific circumstances. Fienman Defense can determine if your case qualifies for expungement. We also guide you through the application and hearing process.

What Should I Do if I Am Arrested on Drug Charges in Philadelphia?

First and most importantly, don’t answer any questions until you have a lawyer present. Even if a police officer seems friendly and promises to help you, politely decline to speak unless a criminal defense attorney is in the room with you.

Second, collect any information that could help your defense, such as receipts that provide an alibi at the time of the alleged crime.

Finally, don’t argue with officers during your arrest. Let a professional, reputable defense lawyer fight for you. Our Philadelphia drug crime lawyers understand what is at stake for you and your loved ones and work relentlessly on your behalf.

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