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October 2022 Case Results

View more case results…

Whether it is in court or behind the scenes with judges, prosecutors and police, the top-rated Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys at Fienman Defense will fight hard for you.

Talk to our clients. They’ll tell you the Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Fienman Defense gave them the representation they needed. We put clients first and always purse the best possible outcome to criminal charges.

How a Criminal Lawyer Helps You

Dealing with the justice system alone is scary, but you don’t have to deal with things alone. Also, every criminal case can be improved. By working with a experienced defense lawyer at Fienman Defense, we can protect your rights & stand between you and the government.

Our lawyers start by evaluating the evidence and explaining all your legal options. Then, we’ll build your defense, fight for the result you need, and represent your interests at every stage. Let us provide you with the insight and resources you need to resolve criminal matters favorably, from charge reductions, dismissals, and proving your innocence.

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At Fienman Defense, we care about you and the effect your case has on your family and your life. We know your future and livelihood depend on reducing the penalties you’re facing. Our lawyers will listen, return your phone calls, keep you informed, and work diligently to protect you.

You may have been charged with a crime, but that does not mean you are guilty. We understand the difference. Click here to learn more about Fienman Defense.

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Criminal Misdemeanors & Felonies

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Criminal charges in Pennsylvania are categorized as either a felony, which is the most serious, followed by misdemeanors and summary offenses.

Felony charges in PA are divided into degrees based on the “severity” of the crime. The minimum and maximum penalties for a felony conviction depend on the degree, victims, and your criminal record.

Misdemeanors are generally less serious than felonies but can still result in jail time and fines. Misdemeanor convictions can carry up to five years, and like felonies, are divided by degree, from 1st degree to 3rd-degree misdemeanors. Ungraded misdemeanors are usually the same as M3.

Driving Under the Influence

Like every state, Pennsylvania treats driving under the influence (DUI) as a serious offense.

Federal Criminal Defense

While most crimes are prosecuted under the authority of the States, in some scenarios the federal authorities will investigate the crime and prosecute the suspect.

Professional License Defense

Holding a professional license in Pennsylvania usually means years of hard work and a significant commitment to your chosen career path.

Food Stamp Fraud

At Fienman Defense, we handle Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) violation cases throughout the country.

Assault & Domestic Violence

Information and understanding at a time of serious and emotionally charged criminal accusations.

Drug Crimes

Detailed information and defense strategies when facing criminal drug charges in the Philadelphia metro area.

Marijuana Charges

Understand personal use, cultivation and other marijuana related crimes and how to defend your case.

Firearms / Weapons

Owning and possessing a firearm comes with great responsibility. Weapon violations carry serious consequences.

Sex Crimes

Find the information and a criminal defense when facing frightening sexual crime allegations.

Kidnapping & Family Crimes

Abduction charges and other crimes against children related offense information.


When bad judgment leads to theft charges, you need information and strong experienced counsel.


Pennsylvania fraud law information for those accused of wrongful or criminal deception of another person.

Arson & Property Crimes

Crime against property information, including setting fire, trespassing and vandalism.

Officer & Public Crimes

Laws and information about harming a member of a police force or other public official.

Violent Crimes

Learn more about the broad range of violent crime charges and their severe penalties.

Juvenile Crimes

Crimes committed by minors ranging from underage drinking to criminal mischief.

Are You an Out-of-State Attorney in Need of Co-Counsel?

We will sponsor your pro hac vice application and provide valuable insight with respect to local practice and rules in PA and NJ.

If you are an attorney from outside Pennsylvania or New Jersey with a client facing criminal charges in the Commonwealth, Fienman Defense can help you through the process of a pro hac vice admission. Attorney Michael Fienman is a member of the bar in good standing with the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and District of New Jersey, and all counties surrounding Philadelphia, including Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County and Chester County.

To learn more, fill out the form on the right or contact Fienman Defense today at (215) 839-9529.

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    Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

    Answers You Need When Facing a Pennsylvania DUI

    NCDD National College for DUI DefenseIf you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you need an experienced Philadelphia DUI lawyer to protect your rights.

    DUIs have severe consequences if you’re convicted. Depending on the circumstances, you face substantial fines, potential jail time, and a driver’s license suspension. But the impact of a DUI can go far behind what is court mandated. You may face issues maintaining or obtaining employment or professional licensure.

    Being charged with a DUI doesn’t have to affect your future, but it can. The best way to improve your situation after a DUI arrest is to hire a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer.

    Facing Charges? Make The Facts
    and Your Story Known

    Pennsylvania Criminal Process & Court System

    Understand How The System Works


    All courts in the most populous county are
    located in downtown Philadelphia.

    Learn about our Philadelphia office

    Bucks County

    Contains 20 Magisterial District Courts
    located throughout the county.

    Learn about our Bucks County office

    Delaware County

    Contains 33 Magisterial District Courts
    located throughout the county.

    Learn about our Delaware County office

    Montgomery County

    Contains 30 Magisterial District Courts
    located throughout the county.

    Learn about our Montgomery County office

    From Municipal Court to a trial in the Court of Common Pleas Fienman Defense assists clients across the Philadelphia region and surrounding counties. With considerable experience at all levels of the Pennsylvania court system , we can protect your rights at every stage of the justice system.

    The Criminal Court Process

    • Initial Arrest
    • Preliminary Arraignment
    • Formal Arraignment
    • Pre-Trial Conference
    • Plea Negotiations
    • Trial
    • Sentencing
    • Appeal
    • Probation

    Wherever you are in the process, let us advise and defend you.

    Federal Crimes vs. State Charges

    Most criminal cases in Pennsylvania are prosecuted at the state level. However, some crimes are handled by federal courts in the U.S. District Courts of the Eastern, Western, or Middle Districts of Pennsylvania. These are for violations of the United States Code and are prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorneys rather than local district attorneys.

    Generally, federal convictions carry longer terms of incarceration, heavier fines, and additional statutory penalties. The federal courts also follow different rules and procedures. In addition, some crimes are only illegal under federal law, while others can be prosecuted under either federal or state law.

    If you or a loved one are facing federal charges in or around Philadelphia, you need experienced representation to handle the situation properly and avoid harsh penalties. Fienman Defense has successfully helped individuals charged with federal crimes in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties. Let us assess your situation and guide your next steps.

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    Philadelphia Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Effective and Aggressive Defense for You

    When you are facing criminal charges, having the right Philadelphia criminal defense attorney on your side can make all the difference. At Fienman Defense, Michael understands that being arrested is a terrifying ordeal. When reviewing your case, a good lawyer will determine every detail and possible outcome of your case.

    Want to learn the fastest way to get your trial over and regain your freedom? Call top rated Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney and Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer Michael Fienman today for a free and confidential initial consultation.
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    Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman has been working in downtown Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and Delaware County for years, representing countless clients avoid fines, jail time, and life-altering consequences. If you are questioned by the police or charged with a criminal offense, you will need to act quickly. Contact us today so we can discuss your case and begin preparing your defense.
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