It is disturbing to find out there is an old or outstanding warrant over your head. You might be facing immediate arrest.

It might be in your best interests to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn that there is a warrant for you. A lawyer could help you clear up this matter quickly so you can get back to your life.

How Old Warrants Happen

Old or outstanding arrest warrants happen more than you think. It may seem incredulous, but many people don’t know there is a warrant on them because of many forms and causes, including:

  • Failing to complete the terms of their probation
  • Non-violent offense, like driving with a suspended license.

Usually, people learn about an old warrant during a traffic stop or similar incident. When police run your license plates, the outstanding warrant pops up.

Arrested on the Spot or Later?

Depending on the reasons for the warrant, the police may release you if you promise to make arrangements to turn yourself in. More often, police have no choice but to arrest you on the spot.

Don’t risk being unexpectedly arrested for an old warrant. If you suspect or learn there is a warrant for your arrest, get help from your criminal defense attorney.

How to Clear Up an Old Warrant in Pennsylvania

There is some good news when you’re looking into dealing with an old warrant – there are ways to clear them up that are relatively simple.

If the warrant stemmed from unpaid traffic tickets, paying the fine removes the warrant. For probation-related warrants, you must complete the terms of your release.

Unless the warrant is for a violent crime, a defense attorney will likely be able to get you bail. Then, you can work out an arrangement with the police or the state prosecutor’s office to withdraw the warrant. You will be able to move forward with your life without fear of potential arrest.

Resources for People with Old Warrants

If you’re unsure you have a warrant or you need bail as a result of one, here are some helpful resources.

Find Out if You Have a Warrant

You can find out if there is a warrant against you in Philadelphia using these resources.

Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Office Online Look-Up

The Pennsylvania Judiciary Web Portal

Philadelphia Police Department
750 Race St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Resources for Arranging Bail

You may also find yourself in need of bail bonds services. Here are some options for arranging bail in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia Bail Bonds
1700 Market St. Suite 1005
Philadelphia, PA 19103

ABC Bail Bonds
49 N 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philadelphia Bail Bonds
820 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer for Help

If you have an outstanding warrant and you are ready to clear your name and get back to your life, contact Fienman Defense for help. Our criminal defense attorneys help you arrange bail, work out the terms of turning yourself in, and assist in your defense should your case go to court.

Get a no-cost, risk-free consultation today. Call 215-839-9529 or fill out our online contact form.

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