A 24-year-old landscaper found himself going through a tough time after his dad had recently passed away. He began to use drugs and alcohol to cope with the situation. One night, driving through Abington Township, the man got into a car accident while intoxicated under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. The driver and passengers of the vehicle that he struck were injured and required medical attention. The man chose Philadelphia DUI attorney Michael Fienman to represent him during this difficult time.

Often times, involvement in a car accident that inflicts bodily injury disqualifies a person from being admitted into ARD. Regardless, Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Michael Fienman was able to negotiate with the Commonwealth to have his client admitted into the Montgomery County diversionary program, an almost unheard of outcome. The man went through a six month period of rehabilitation with a 60-day license suspension. Our client was also be fined approximately $1,800 but qualifies for expungement of his drug and alcohol DUI upon successful completion of the program.

**Update: An expungement petition on this matter was granted by the court. All charges as a result of the car accident have been permanently expunged from the man’s record.**

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