After an arrest, your first concern is probably about how to secure your or a loved one’s release. That way, you can get back to your family, your job and start planning your defense.

But what happens when the judge sets the bail so high that there is no way you can pay it? Are you stuck behind bars until after the trial?

This is a scary moment for you and your family. But if you’re in the Philadelphia area, there are ways to reduce your bail.

The first step is to work with an experienced defense lawyer in the area, but here are some other ways you can get bail reduced around Philadelphia.

Bail Process in the Philadelphia Area

Within three days of being arrested, you will be taken to the District Court for your preliminary arraignment. This is where the judge sets your bail amount.

In setting bail, the judge will consider:

  • The seriousness of the charges
  • Your criminal history
  • Your job
  • The evidence against you
  • Your ties to the Philadelphia community
  • Whether you are a flight risk

If someone can’t pay bail, you have to remain in jail until your trial or until you can pay.

At the preliminary arraignment, you are allowed to have a lawyer. Your attorney and the Commonwealth’s representation can make arguments as to what your bail amount should be.

Why Would You Need To Reduce Your Bail?

Being able to pay your bail amount is one of the only ways to get out of jail before your trial. Getting out of jail is not only crucial to your well-being. It also puts you in a better place to work with a lawyer on your defense.

Sadly, judges often set bail at ridiculously high amounts. Even though you may only have to post 10% of the bail amount, 10% can be a lot to raise. Even misdemeanor charges can lead to bail amounts over $10,000. So, it’s important to do all you can to reduce what’s required.

How To Get Bail Reduced

Whether you contact an attorney or a loved one secures a lawyer on your behalf, your lawyer can argue at the preliminary arraignment to have your bail set at a lower amount – or even arrange for your release without paying a dime. But that is not the only chance you have. Your attorney can argue for your bail amount to be reduced at almost every hearing you will go through leading up to your trial.

For instance, your preliminary hearing will likely be within 10 days of the preliminary arraignment. That’s another chance for your lawyer to make the case that your bail should be reduced.

Within two months of the preliminary hearing, you face a formal arraignment. If your lawyer’s push to reduce your bail was denied before, they could make the argument again as long as circumstances have changed in some way.

If your bail reduction motions aren’t getting anywhere, your lawyer may be able to file a written motion with a higher court — the Court of Common Pleas.

Reach Out To Fienman Defense

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