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Overall, we can feel safe here in Doylestown in Bucks County. Violent crimes are rare, and police work hard to put away criminals who commit horrible violent crimes. Unfortunately, property crimes are increasing here compared to some nearby neighborhoods in Bucks County. That means that police are cracking down on anyone accused of property crimes like theft or burglary.

While we count on police to keep crime down here, this extra alertness to local property crimes means that police are unlikely to be lenient about any minor crimes. Even vandalism charges can lead to law enforcement throwing the book at the accused. If you are wrongfully accused, it can be difficult to clear your name without the help of an excellent Doylestown criminal defense lawyer.

Minor Crimes in Bucks County Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Because of this focus on property crimes in Doylestown, even minor crimes can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you are accused of a minor theft or burglary, you still may face harsh sentencing if convicted, including incarceration. Not only can sentences be severe, but the collateral damage can also have long-term effects on your life. A conviction can have lasting implications for your career and housing prospects.

This effect only intensifies if the accused is a minor. If your child is accused of even a youthful indiscretion like joyriding or graffiti, it can have serious consequences for your son or daughter’s future. They may face jail time, fines, probation, restitution costs, or community service. Any combination of these penalties can hurt your child’s chances at a bright future, as colleges and trade schools do not look kindly on an arrest record.

The best defense against such lasting problems due to a small mistake is a strong offense. Come out strong with the help of a Buck county criminal defense attorney.

Understanding the Difference Between Theft and Burglary

Because both crimes are commonly referenced here, many people in Doylestown wonder what the exact difference between theft and burglary are. While both are property crimes that involve taking another person’s belongings, there is a significant difference between the two. While robbery is defined in Pennsylvania by simply taking using force or other methods, burglary requires you to do so by entering a private property without permission.

Unfortunately, both of these crimes can be considered serious felonies, depending on the situation. If you are arrested for either theft or burglary, you need to take these charges seriously. Protect yourself by declining to talk to the police or prosecutors without a Doylestown criminal defense lawyer by your side. Anything you say can be taken out of context and used against you during a trial.

The Criminal Justice Process in Doylestown

Once you are arrested for any crime in Doylestown, you become a part of the Bucks County criminal justice system. Even if you feel like your crime is “no big deal” you face serious consequences, not to mention the ordeal of a prosecution itself. When you are trying to understand what to do on your own, the process can feel overwhelming, but with the help of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney at your side, it becomes much easier.

As a local Philadelphia area criminal defense law firm with years of experience defending clients in Bucks County, Fienman Defense has specific knowledge about the Doylestown courts that may help your case resolve itself with the best outcome possible. If you are a Bucks county resident arrested in another county, we also serve Delaware County, Montgomery County and the greater Philadelphia area.

If you are a resident of Bucks County but you have been charged in another county, please contact us. We also serve Delaware County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County.

Attorney Michael Fienman is dedicated to helping Doylestown residents fight criminal charges with strategies designed to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients. If you have been arrested, call experienced Doylestown criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman today for a free consultation on your case at (215) 345-4284. He will listen carefully to your unique situation and help develop a specific strategy to best fight the charges brought against you. Give yourself the best chance for your best outcome.