Those of us in New Britain Township live an idyllic life. With rolling hills dotted with green pastures and historic stone buildings, New Britain can feel like an incredibly calm place to live. Crime here is low, making New Britain one of the safest townships in the Philadelphia area.

Despite this, residents accused of a crime in New Britain quickly learn how fast all this can change. No matter how “minor” the crime you are accused of, New Britain law enforcement aggressively prosecute all crimes—felonies and misdemeanors alike. If you have been accused of a crime in Bucks County, you face an uphill battle in fighting the charges. Without the help of an experienced New Britain Township criminal defense attorney, it’s difficult to know what to do next.

Criminal Justice in New Britain

If you’ve been charged with any crime in New Britain, you become a part of the Bucks County criminal justice system. For people unfamiliar with the criminal justice process, this can be an incredibly difficult time. Not only do you not know what to do and what will happen to you, but you may also feel all alone.

Luckily, a New Britain Tonwship criminal defense lawyer can walk you through the entire process. As soon as you call a lawyer to represent you, someone will be by your side, fighting for your best interests at every stage of the process. Your attorney will negotiate with the prosecution to minimize your charges or get a plea deal. They will represent you at all hearings, equipped with the facts that can help build your side of the case and a legal strategy designed to show the flaws in the prosecution’s argument. Your New Britain Township criminal defense lawyer will never stop fighting for your rights.

In fact, you should never speak with police or other law enforcement professionals without a lawyer. You have the Constitutional right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Take advantage of this right; it is your best protection. Anything you can say can be used against you in court—even if it is a totally innocent statement. It’s best to say nothing at all.

The Right Representation From a New Britain Township Criminal Defense Lawyer

With the right representation, you are guaranteed the best possible outcome. That’s why you should talk to the New Britain Township criminal defense lawyer at Fienman Defense. We have years of dedicated service in Bucks County. This has given us extensive local court knowledge that we can leverage to get our clients the best opportunity for a win and the best deal possible. If you are a New Britain resident arrested elsewhere, don’t worry. We also serve Delaware County, Montgomery County and the greater Philadelphia area.

Beyond just our experience, we are dedicated to giving out clients the attention and service they need for an optimal outcome. At Fienman Defense, we are committed to giving each client individual attention. We will listen to your side of the story with compassion and then work with you one-on-one to perfect a strategy for your defense. When you need your attorney, you’ll never be passed off to non-legal staff who know nothing about your case. You’ll always have access to your attorney when you need him.

If you’ve been arrested in New Britain Township, call Michael Fienman today for a free consultation on your case at (215) 345-4284. We are available 24/7 to help, so no matter when you are arrested, you won’t be alone. Don’t suffer through this difficult time on your own. Find out how we may be able to help.