At Fienman Defense, we understand that facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. We also know it can feel even worse when police overstep their bounds. That’s why we take an aggressive approach to defending your rights and fight for every individual to receive fair treatment under the law.

Recently, this approach helped us achieve a significant victory for one of our clients whose rights were violated by law enforcement. 

Case Details and Facts: What Happened

A client was pulled over by a state trooper while driving a rental car on Interstate 80 through Porter Township in Pennsylvania on his way back to New York. The state trooper pulled our client over for having a partially obscured license plate and allegedly drifting into another lane of traffic. Among his personal possessions in the vehicle was $22,000 in cash and business cards for legal marijuana-related businesses in other jurisdictions.

What should have been a routine traffic stop quickly escalated based on an unfounded suspicion. This, unfortunately, led to a gross violation of our client’s rights.

After forcing the client to exit his vehicle, the state trooper was convinced our client was involved in illicit activities. The officer proceeded to conduct a 90-minute warrantless search of the client’s rental car, tearing it apart and finding no evidence of criminal activity. He confiscated our client’s brand-new iPhone without explanation and seized a duffel bag from the vehicle, claiming it smelled of marijuana.

Despite our client’s repeated assertions of innocence, he was taken to the police station unconstitutionally without being placed under arrest or informed of his Miranda rights. Our client was not informed he didn’t have to submit to questioning, nor was he given the opportunity to decline. His vehicle was left unattended on the side of the road.

Fienman’s Aggressive Defense Gets Results

Once the client called Fienman Defense, we knew the circumstances demanded a swift and aggressive response. An ion scan of the duffel bag revealed no traces of drugs, further supporting our client’s innocence. Following this, we immediately filed a motion to suppress all evidence obtained during the unlawful search. You can read the further case details in the pre-trial motion document we filed.

Our team was prepared to take the case to trial and demonstrate our client’s innocence in court. Recognizing the weakness of their case, however, the prosecutor sought to avoid litigating the motion and offered a favorable alternative: a plea to a traffic ticket for having a partially obscured license plate on the rental car.

Our client was relieved to be cleared of criminal suspicion and eager to put the matter behind him, so he opted to plead guilty to the minor traffic ticket. His possessions were returned to him, and the case was resolved without the need for litigation.

Facing Criminal Charges in PA? Call Fienman Defense Today

Our client called us when he was facing a daunting situation and needed an attorney to stand up for his rights. We’ve seen cases like this before, and we know what it takes to reach a favorable solution expeditiously.

We drew on our years of experience and aggressive approach to criminal defense to achieve results, and we’re proud of outcomes like these. Our client was pleased as well. If you find yourself in a similar situation or suspect your rights have been violated, we can help you, too.

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