Earning your medical license requires a lot of long hours and hard work. What you have in the end is a means to make a living and it should be protected. However, sometimes things go wrong, either in your personal life or related to your work as a medical professional. As a licensed medical professional, your knowledge may not lend itself to the effective handling of criminal charges or allegations from the State Medical Board. If your freedom, reputation, and career are on the line, having an experienced criminal and professional license defense attorney can be invaluable in these complex and critical matters.

At Fienman Defense, your future and freedom are our top priorities. We understand both the administrative and criminal side of any allegation made against medical professionals. Allow us to help you move through this difficult time towards the best possible outcome.

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Choose the Right Defense Attorney

As a medical professional, you need a professional license defense attorney who appreciates not only the criminal aspect of what you are facing, but also the collateral impact, including the possible loss of your license. Criminal defense lawyers who don’t have the right experience with administrative issues may handle criminal cases in a manner that does not serve the best interests of their client, especially in terms of protecting their credentials.

Clients sometimes end up paying for two separate attorneys when defending against criminal charges for medical professionals – a professional licensing attorney and a criminal attorney. However, medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, are much better served by having one attorney, who is highly skilled and experienced in both areas.

Criminal Charges for Medical Professionals and Disciplinary Action

As a healthcare professional, if you are charged with various crimes, you will need to defend or address the accusations within the normal criminal system as well your specific state licensing board in Pennsylvania. If you are charged with crimes such as DWI, DUI, assault, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, criminal negligence, drug diversion, Medicaid/Medicare fraud, healthcare fraud, or any other type of misdemeanor or felony, the consequences you face in either scenario can be severe. In addition to criminal penalties that are applicable to anyone, the Licensing Board in PA will also investigate your case and determine if you should be disciplined through the suspension or loss of your license.

Convictions May Lead to License Suspension

If you are staring down misdemeanor or felony charges relative to alcohol or substance abuse, you may be subject to a suspension of your license, which can prevent you from practicing. Regardless of the specific criminal charges for medical professionals, you’re facing, it is crucial that you obtain the services of an attorney who can guide you through the administrative and criminal proceedings that will ultimately decide your fate. A highly-experienced lawyer can possibly frame the facts in a more favorable light, mitigate the potential consequences by highlighting your efforts to correct any underlying issues, or present an argument that refutes the allegations made against you.

The Consequences of Pleading Guilty for Your License

As a medical professional, you need to be very cautious about entering a guilty plea without understanding the full scope of potential consequences. When someone pleads guilty, it is an admission to a certain set of facts under oath and can negatively affect any subsequent administrative hearing about your medical license. You need to know and appreciate how your guilty plea may lead to the loss of your professional license. Criminal charges for medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, should always be handled by an advocate with the right knowledge and skill-set, with an eye on preserving your livelihood.

Contact an Experienced Pennsylvania Medical Professional License Defense Attorney

Are you facing a criminal charge as a doctor, nurse or other medical professional? At Fienman Defense, we can help you maneuver through the criminal and administrative law process, towards the most favorable possible result in both venues.

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