Child sexual abuse is taken very seriously by Pennsylvania lawmakers, alongside all forms of sexual assault, and can result in some of the harshest penalties under Pennsylvania law. With the release of last month’s news of historical child molestation within the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, lawmakers have taken an even tougher stand against child abuse. An effect of this stance has been the recent passing of a House bill that will make it more difficult for child abusers to avoid facing criminal penalties.

Because allegations of child abuse can cause incredible damage to a person’s life, marriage, and community standing, even in cases where a person is not convicted, it’s a good idea to retain the services of an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney if you’re facing charges of sexual abuse. As Pennsylvania’s laws toughen, Fienman Defense is here to help defend you against sexual abuse allegations.

Toughening Penalties for Child Abuse Through House Bill

Under a recently proposed House bill, future sex-abuse crimes, such as child abuse, would be treated as harshly as other crimes, such as murder, through the lifting of statues of limitations. In other words, by eliminating the 30-year time limit under which a criminal sex-abuse charge can be filed, the bill extends the period during which a prosecution can seek an offender’s conviction. In addition, the bill extends the length of time that victims have to file civil claims, from age 30 to age 50 year, thereby allowing a victim more time to file private lawsuits against alleged abusers.

Proponents of the new bill, which passed the House this month but has yet to clear the Senate, say it sends a clear message to sexual offenders that a sexual abuse crime, including child abuse, is never left forgotten in the past. By abolishing the statute of limitations and by extending the period under which a victim can file a civil claim, this bill will allow future offenders to be prosecuted without regard to when the alleged crime occurred.

How the Experienced Philadelphia Sex Crime Attorneys at Fienman Defense Can Help You

Being charged with child abuse, or any form of sexual assault, can have an incredibly damaging impact on a person’s life. Because of the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases and the consequences they can have on a person’s reputation, marriage, and community standing, we strongly recommend that you enlist the help of an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to defend your case, if you’ve been charged with a sexual abuse crime.

At Fienman Defense, our Philadelphia sex crime attorneys are experienced at handling allegations of sexual assault. If you’ve been accused of sexually abusing someone else and are seeking representation for your charges, call us at (215) 839-9529 today.

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