As an experienced DUI defense attorney, Michael Fienman was referred a case by another lawyer and asked to assist a New Jersey woman when a very serious DUI offense put her freedom, her ability to drive and her career as a postal worker in jeopardy. The woman was understandably very concerned because after submitting to a breath test, her BAC was shown to be .206, which is not only well above the legal limit, but also increased the penalties if convicted. When she was confronted with the likelihood of spending up to 30 days in jail which would likely cause her to lose her job, a lengthy suspension of her driving privileges, and being required to install an expensive ignition interlock device on her car once she obtained driving privileges, the woman knew she’d need help from a skilled DUI lawyer.

After discussing the case with his client, attorney Fienman began reviewing the evidence to effectively represent her interests. While the police dash cam video was particularly incriminating, attorney Fienman was steadfast and began combing through all of the materials related to her case. Ultimately, attorney Fienman uncovered a discrepancy and it became apparent that while the officer claimed he was properly certified to administer the woman’s BAC test, there was actually no documentation available to support this credential. Attorney Fienman leveraged this and successfully negotiated for his client to plead to the lowest tier DUI offense. By agreeing to this plea bargain, his client wouldn’t spend any time in jail so she could keep her job, reduced her license suspension to only three months, and removed the need to install an interlock device. Essentially, by choosing a proficient DUI lawyer, who took an exhaustive and detail-oriented approach, this woman achieved a great outcome in what could have been a very bleak situation.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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