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USDA Enforcement of SNAP EBT Trafficking

Apr 15 2022 in Fraud, Legal Blog

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is the nation’s largest food program, with more than $68 billion dollars going out to 42 million needy families every year. As an authorized SNAP retailer, you are entrusted with making sure every EBT point-of-sale transaction is done by…

Access Device Fraud Dismissed and Expunged in Five Months

Dec 15 2021 in Case Results, Fraud

A Bucks County client charged with two counts of felony access device fraud, two counts of conspiracy to commit access device fraud, and several misdemeanors like receiving stolen property had her name completely cleared within five months of her arrest. On the woman’s behalf, Attorney…

Insurance Fraud Investigation Results in No Charge

Aug 11 2021 in Case Results, Fraud

Attorney Fienman represented a woman who came to him when she realized she was under investigation for insurance fraud. Mr. Fienman intervened on her behalf by speaking with the Philadelphia Police Department officials who were trying to question his client. As a result of this…