Montgomery County and Jenkintown residents are charged with civil violations and criminal offenses every day. These can range from minor traffic violations to high-stakes cases of drug trafficking. In any case type, the anxiety of facing a charge can be debilitating, both for the individual accused and for his or her loved ones.

At Fienman Defense, we have experience helping clients in exactly these situations. With an experienced Jenkintown criminal defense attorney from Fienman Defense at your side, you will receive personalized counsel, strategic legal guidance, and a dedicated defense, all of which can help alleviate the anxiety of facing a criminal charge.

Fienman Defense has offices throughout Montgomery County and is available 24/7 to respond to your needs in Jenkintown. We know the pain having a criminal record can cause, which is why we fight diligently to keep our clients from being convicted of any crime in the first instance. Our Jenkintown criminal defense lawyers are experienced at calling into question a prosecutor’s case, at understanding the nuances of Montgomery County law, and at getting the punishments associated with a case reduced, or even dismissed.

Attorney Michael Fienman has the experience necessary and the legal resources needed to handle your Jenkintown criminal case. Whether you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, a drug crime, a firearms crime, or a theft, Michael is available to review your case and to consider taking it on.

Criminal Charges in Jenkintown

Being convicted of a crime in Jenkintown can have devastating impact. Depending on the offense, penalties can include months of incarceration; time lost from family and friends; probation; court-mandated rehabilitation; community service; and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines. Secondary consequences resulting from being convicted can include further punishments, such as job loss; housing loss; denial or revocation of professional licenses; loss of the right to be a custodian to your child; and even possible deportation or loss of citizenship.

Because the consequences of criminal convictions can be so severe, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced Jenkintown criminal defense attorney today. At Fienman Defense, we have the skills needed and the resources necessary to take on your case so that you can receive a strategic criminal defense.

Why A Jenkintown Criminal Defense Attorney May Be Your Best Defense in Court

At Fienman Defense, our experienced Jenkintown criminal defense attorneys bring the utmost professionalism and attention to our clients. We know that every person who steps through our door brings with them a unique case. Because a strong attorney-client relationship results in a stronger defense, we give each of our clients personalized attention. My catering our legal counsel to each individual’s needs, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible counsel.

Furthermore, we fight to ensure that our clients receive a fair trial. Too often, the prosecution presumes a person is guilty unless proven innocent. Instead, we fight to remind prosecutors, judges, and juries that in the U.S, we operate under the presumption of innocence. Regardless of the crime you’ve been charged for, we will fight to defend your rights and ensure that you’re receiving fair representation under the law.

How the Skilled Montgomery County Defense Lawyers Can Help You

When we promote our clients cases through fair trials and personalized attention, we’re able to better offer our clients a strategic defense. Knowing when it’s best negotiate with a prosecution or to call into question his or her evidence can make the difference in a client’s case. At Fienman Defense, our Jenkintown criminal defense attorneys are skilled at offering every client a fair trial, one-on-one attention, and a strategic defense.

If you have been charged with a crime in Jenkintown, contact one of the experienced Jenkintown criminal defense attorneys at Fienman Defense today. We serve all townships in Montgomery County. Whether you live in Jenkintown or another Montgomery County township, you can contact us at (610) 828-3338.