If you or someone you know are facing criminal allegations, it can be a difficult times in your life, Depending on the charge you may be facing, Fienman Defense will treat you with the respect you deserve and give you with the experienced representation you need to reduce or overcome convictions.

The faster you call, the sooner Fienman Defense can help you build your case. If you are facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, taking immediate action by contacting an experienced attorney in your area is commonly the best course of action.

At Fienman Defense, Michael has the experience and dedicated resources necessary to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation, regardless if the charge you may be facing.

If you or someone you know is being suspected of a crime or are being charged with one, don’t delay. Michael is always willing to patiently take the time to listen to your concerns and situation. He knows what it takes to get you the best result for your case.

Traffic Violations and DUIs in Montgomery Township

Though drunk driving is a common and recurrent crime in the United States, being caught will still lead to serious charges which can result in devastating consequences.

If you are being charged with a DUI in Montgomery County, you have good reason to be worried. Traffic violations including DUIs will carry serious penalties including suspension of your license, severe fines and mandatory jail time. In addition it could tarnish your permanent record and damage your reputation unless you take quick and proactive action.

Operating a vehicle while impaired is a charge that should be taken very seriously and Fienman Defense will work hard to defend and help you overcome the charges you are facing.

Michael is familiar with handling DUI charges in Montgomery County. When you call today, your case will be handled professionally and fast action will be taken to defend you. If you are being charged with a DUI in the Montgomery Township area, don’t delay in contacting an experienced lawyer who can represent you.

Theft Crimes

In Montgomery Township, instances of theft could range from petty theft to grand theft. An experienced attorney will need to work quickly with you to defend your rights and guide you through the legal process. Often times investigators will be working to build a case against you so it critical to contact a local defense attorney in your area who has the experience to defend you in court.

If you are being suspected or being charged theft, Michael will best explain the options you have in order to minimize the consequences you could be facing. He will protect you from the consequences that could occur when you answering questions without representation.

Drug Crimes

When it comes to dealing with drug crimes, the results that could come from a conviction is often times severe and will have significant repercussions on your life. Whether you are being charged with drug trafficking or distribution, or the possession of drugs, sentences can range in severity depending on the type or amount of drug in question.

Drug crimes are ordinarily handled as felony crimes and depending on the drug classification or amount being dealt with your case, the Pennsylvania carries sentences up to twenty years in prison.

In Montgomery County, penalties can range from fines to consequential jail time. Due to mandatory sentencing for drug-related crimes, you will need an experienced defense attorney in your area to protect your rights and lower the penalties you are facing.

When it comes to fighting a felony charge in Montgomery County, you do not want to do it alone. Nor should you. Having a defense attorney whom you trust and can guide you through the legal procedures will be in your best interest. At Fienman Defense, Michael will always look out for your best interest no matter your circumstances.

Juvenile Crimes

In Pennsylvania, the juvenile court system operates separately from other courts. A minor being charged with a crime does not necessarily have all the rights that an adult may have. Nevertheless delinquent acts are filed in a similar way to how an adult criminal charge would be filed. After yours, or your son’s or daughter’s arrest, within 72 hours a preliminary hearing will be held to determine whether or not they can go free.

That is why is it important never to delay in finding an experienced attorney in your area who can defend you or your child in court and thereby minimize the penalties with which you could be charged.

If you are a resident of Montgomery Township but you have been charged in another township, please contact Fienman Defense at (610) 828-3338. We serve all townships in Montgomery County. Feel free to example your search to other counties we serve, such as Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Bucks County.