Upper Providence Township Criminal Defense Lawyer


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Upper Providence Township has been consistently ranked as the safest small town in Delaware County over the past few years, as well as one of the safest towns in Pennsylvania as a whole. Not only are violent crimes incredibly rare, but even property crimes also only happen rarely in comparison with the rest of the state.

With such great crime statistics, it’s no surprise that few people think of crime here at all. When you find yourself accused of a crime, however, it’s important to know what to do. If you’ve been accused of any crime in Delaware County, you should call an Upper Providence Township criminal defense lawyer right away to find out what kinds of charges you are really facing and what you can do to fight them.

Criminal Justice in Upper Providence Township

Because the crime rate is so low in Upper Providence Township, those accused of the crimes that do happen can often find themselves facing particularly harsh consequences. While any criminal accusation is a big deal, this is especially true in our town. It is not rare for judges to throw the book at defendants, even for relatively minor crimes and misdemeanors. In fact, without proper representation, you can easily find yourself serving the maximum possible sentence.

Luckily, you have the right to a Upper Providence Township criminal defense lawyer on your side to lead you through the whole process and fight to get the best possible results. When you hire a Delaware County defense attorney, you have an experienced negotiator fighting for your best interests at all times. They will work out a deal with prosecutors or represent you in hearings at court, never giving up on your vigorous defense until you secure the best possible outcome.

Why Trust Fienman Defense

Still, choosing the right Upper Providence Township criminal defense lawyer matters. At Fienman Defense, our attorneys have the local court knowledge and legal experience needed to give your Upper Providence Township case the best chance for success. Our legal team has years of experience defending clients like you from all kinds of charges, whether minor traffic violations or serious felony charges.

When you choose Fienman Defense, you can be confident that we not only will vigorously fight for your rights, but we will also compassionately listen to your side of the story and help you with anything you need. We know that a good lawyer listens first and then acts. You’ll never feel alone when you have a Fienman Defense attorney by your side.

Our Delaware County defense attorneys are available to act on your behalf 24/7, so call us at (610) 565-4761 any time for a free preliminary consultation on your case. We also serve Bucks County, downtown Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, so Upper Providence Township residents can call us no matter where the arrest actually occurred.

Traffic Violations and DUIs in Upper Providence Township

Recently, there has been a number of citations for traffic violations in Upper Providence Township. Many people assume that they have to face traffic court alone, or even worse, simply pay any fine and move on. That’s not true. An Upper Providence Township traffic lawyer can help you get the best outcome possible—even for traffic offenses.

When you are facing serious charges like a DUI, you need a dedicated attorney on your side to work within the system to minimize the impact that the arrest will have on your criminal record. Even with lesser charges, however, a traffic lawyer can help. A dismissal of charges can mean all the difference between huge increases in your insurance premiums and serious points on your license and a clean driving record.

If you live in Delaware County, but have actually been arrested somewhere else in Pennsylvania, we also serve Bucks County, downtown Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, so we are still able to serve you locally.