What You Need To Know About Hiring a Criminal, Traffic, and Philadelphia DUI Attorney

  • Look for an attorney with experience in criminal defense. Your friends and family may recommend lawyers who helped them with problems ranging from personal injury to divorce. But you need a lawyer with specific knowledge and connections that attorneys who practice in other areas do not have.
  • An attorney with a law practice that concentrates on criminal defense will understand how the courts that handle criminal cases actually work. They will have working relationships with the prosecutors, judges and magistrates who will be deciding your fate.
  • For a DUI, look for an attorney who has experience with DUI cases and particularly with breathalyzers and blood tests that determine blood alcohol content.
  • For a traffic violation, look for an attorney who has experience handling citations and protecting people’s driving privileges.
  • Meet with the lawyer to see how you feel about them. Is this someone who will listen to you? Is this someone who will be committed to fighting for you and getting the best possible outcome for you?
  • It is critical that you hire an attorney you can trust. Honest communication is the foundation of a good attorney/client relationship. You should feel comfortable telling your lawyer what happened leading up to your arrest. And your lawyer should be someone whose advice you would be willing to consider.

You need to move quickly to hire your Philadelphia DUI attorney so they can start working on your defense as soon as possible. Events in the criminal justice system happen swiftly. If you or a loved one has been questioned by the police or arrested, the next step may be just hours away.

If you are questioned, you need to have a Philadelphia DUI attorney from Fienman Defense with you. If you are arrested, it is critical you have an attorney’s advice.

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If you are charged with a criminal, traffic or DUI offense, you need an experienced attorney whose practice focuses on criminal defense. Fienman Defense provides honest communication and gives you the solid guidance you need to avoid severe penalties.