Innocent Unless Proven Guilty


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Maybe you watched a cable news show where the commentators were ranting about a high-profile murder suspect. Or you saw something on the Internet about a celebrity being charged with drug possession. Your first reaction might have been to assume that both people were guilty.

But just because the circumstances look bad it doesn’t automatically mean someone is guilty. Assumptions can be proven wrong when the facts come to light.

No matter what the circumstances are, we all deserve to be assumed innocent and given a fair trial. A good defense attorney will fight hard to defend this right for you. When you retain a defense attorney to help you through the Pennsylvania criminal justice system, look for someone who knows you are innocent unless proven guilty.

Presumption of innocence

Is it innocent until proven guilty or unless proven guilty? There is a difference. It is your legal right to be assumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

Presumption of innocence is a foundation of our Pennsylvania criminal justice system. When you are charged with a crime, before your trial even begins the jury is instructed to see you as innocent and not presume you are guilty.

Your trial will not be fair unless it starts out with the assumption of your innocence.

The prosecution has to present evidence so convincing that it proves you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If your attorney shows that enough doubt exists, you can be acquitted.

Many criminal defense attorneys go to work every day committed to finding justice for their clients. They know you are innocent unless proven guilty. And they will work tenaciously to prove your innocence to a jury. They will use all of their skills to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and raise every possible doubt.

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The defense attorneys at Fienman Defense know you are innocent unless proven guilty and they will fight tenaciously to protect your rights. If you are charged with a criminal offense, Fienman Defense provides honest communication and gives you the solid guidance you need to avoid severe penalties.