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If a person is found guilty of criminal charges in Franconia or any other township in Montgomery County, he or she could face significant consequences, including thousands of dollars in fines and years of incarceration. While particular penalties vary depending on the nature of the corresponding crime, almost all penalties are associated with crimes that can end up on a person’s criminal record.

A criminal record can haunt a person for a lifetime. Not only can having a criminal record prevent a person from applying to jobs and housing or rental opportunities, it can also keep a person from receiving professional licenses. In addition, being identified as a criminal—whether or not you are convicted—can have a lasting impact on one’s reputation, family, and standing in in Franconia Township.

With the help of an experienced Montgomery County criminal defense attorney, however, you may be able to avoid the worst of these penalties and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed. At Fienman Defense, we’ve helped numerous Franconia individuals and their families negotiate the legal process in order to fight their charges and help to restore their reputations.

Franconia Criminal Defense in Montgomery County

Having a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer protect your rights and fight to defend your case can ensure that you avoid the worst possible penalties. While every case is unique, each one has similarities in terms of the types of consequences a person might face for being convicted with a crime. These can include:

  • Hundreds of dollars in fines — Many charges come associated with fines and court fees, which can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Incarceration — Time in jail or prison can mean days or months lost from family and work.
  • Loss of license — Many traffic violations, such as DUI, can result in license suspension. If you’re found to have driven on a suspended license, you could lose your license for the long-term.
  • Loss of professional licensure — Certain professions, such as doctor, firefighter, and teacher, will revoke a person’s professional license if he or she is convicted of a crime.
  • Loss of job opportunities — If you’re trying to enter a field which precludes hiring convicted criminals, you could have a much harder time finding a job.
  • Loss of custodial rights — If your child’s custody is being fought over, you could find it difficult to maintain custody of your child, depending on the crime you’ve been convicted of.
  • Loss of reputation — In small towns and suburban areas, particularly, a person’s conviction can negatively affect his or her reputation and result in innumerable lost opportunities.

The Experienced Montgomery Criminal Defense Attorneys at Fienman Defense are Here to Help You

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Franconia Township and are seeking representation, consider contacting one of the skilled Montgomery criminal defense attorneys at Fienman Defense today. We have helped numerous Franconia families face their charges and avoid the worst possible penalties. As we work with our clients, we go above and beyond to defend their rights. For a free, initial consultation, call us at (610) 828-3338.