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Philadelphia Juvenile Delinquency Court

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Juvenile Delinquency Court
1801 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-5451

(215) 686-4100
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Juvenile Justice System in Philadelphia

Juvenile Court is the court that handles matters related to minors, ranging from juvenile delinquency to adoptions. In Philadelphia, Juvenile Court is a branch of the Family Division of The Court of Common Pleas.

Although it is not the only issue handled by the Juvenile Court, juvenile delinquency is a major focus in the court system. Those who are 18 or younger and who commit an act that would be considered a crime if they were an adult, will come before the Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Court processes cases involving:

  • Juvenile delinquency, where minors have been accused of crimes
  • Prevention services
  • Substance analysis
  • Dependency cases arising from allegations of neglect or abuse
  • Truancy and those who allege incorrigibility
  • Adoptions

The juvenile justice system will attempt to rehabilitate a minor and fix their home situation. It also tries to meet its responsibility to keep the community safe. In Philadelphia, judges may send juvenile offenders to foster care with counseling or a juvenile detention center.

Juvenile courtrooms, juvenile probation and other juvenile court services are located at 1801 Vine Street. For general information, call (215) 686-4100.

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