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If you are arrested for a criminal offense in the Philadelphia area, you become part of a system that looks confusing and even disorganized to someone who is not accustomed to the way it works. Facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania? Your Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can help you make sense of the legal system, and show you how to navigate it and work within it.

The courts in the Philadelphia area counties, including Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester, each have slight differences in the way they operate. But most elements are the same.

The basics of the Pennsylvania criminal process include arraignments, pre-trial conferences and trials. However there are also many other parts of the process, from preliminary arraignments through pleas.

There are two types of attorneys in the Philadelphia area criminal defense system: public defenders and private attorneys, If you can’t afford a private attorney, you may qualify for a public defender. Public defenders are very able but extremely overworked. A private defense attorney will have more time to spend with you, and you can usually reach them more easily by phone.

How a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

During the last few years, deep changes have taken place in the Philadelphia criminal justice system. More cases are moving forward to trial. The mission, however, remains the same: justice for those who come before the legal system.

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The Pennsylvania criminal justice system can be confusing to someone who is not used to the way it works. Fienman Defense will guide you every step of the way. We provide sound advice and honest communication throughout the legal process.