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Traffic Ticket Dismissed for Elderly Driver

Jan 03 2020 in Case Results, Traffic Defense

An 87-year-old woman was recently cited for running a stop sign after an accident at a busy intersection in Gladwyne. Not wanting points on her license and potential suspension, revocation or recall from PennDOT, attorney Fienman worked to protect her from the worst-case scenario. Without…

Old DUI Warrant Resolved to Save a Man’s CDL

Nov 27 2019 in Case Results, DUI

Not long ago, a man living out of state contacted Attorney Fienman when an incident from 2012 in Schuylkill County put him in serious legal jeopardy. The man who makes a living as a truck driver was previously charged for a drug-related DUI in a…

ARD for Drug-Related DUI

Nov 11 2019 in Case Results, Drug Crimes, DUI

As an experienced Philadelphia drug attorney, Michael Fienman fights to ensure people with addiction issues are not penalized too harshly. Not long ago, a young nursing student was charged with drug possession after she was found in her car, suffering from an apparent overdose. Attorney…