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As a teacher in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you have a responsibility to help young people learn. You have worked hard to obtain your teaching license, and you enjoy the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students during the school year. For these reasons, it can be very disheartening to find yourself in a position where your teaching license, your career, and even your freedom are in jeopardy due to an allegation of wrongdoing on your part. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it’s important to have the trusted advocacy of a teaching license defense attorney working on your behalf to protect your license and future.

Our professional license defense attorneys at Fienman Defense understand what you have at stake when facing an accusation that threatens your livelihood and personal freedom. We’re able to defend you with intelligent and vigorous representation against license suspension or revocation.

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DUI and Your Teaching License in Pennsylvania

If you’re convicted of a DUI as a school teacher, you may face some very difficult consequences. You may be terminated immediately from your position. Your teaching contract may not be renewed. As well, you may lose your teaching certification. All of these consequences can occur, even for a first offense DUI conviction.

An arrest for DUI by itself, even before you have an opportunity to defend yourself, can raise a red flag in the eyes of a school about your trustworthiness. This is why it is vital to obtain the experienced representation of a highly skilled teaching license defense attorney.

In Pennsylvania, a DUI offense by itself does not require an automatic period of ineligibility for a licensed teacher to continue practicing. However, under State law, schools have the freedom to make disciplinary, employment, and termination decisions as they deem necessary and in accordance with other state provisions. Therefore, as a licensed teacher with DUI on your record, you may have a hard time claiming unlawful termination if you are let go from your position.

If you have received a DUI charge, it’s vitally important for you to prepare for the potential consequences you may face. One step in this preparation process is to hire a knowledgeable teaching license defense lawyer who can fight vigorously to preserve your teaching license and possibly eliminate other penalties you are facing.

Other Possible Teaching License Violations

Teachers, as with other licensed professionals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are expected to uphold a high standard of ethics during the course of the performance of their duties. The State Board investigates accusations of teaching license violations and whether or not the accused should be penalized. In certain cases, penalties for serious violations can include license suspension or even revocation.

Other than DUI, some common types of offenses that are considered teaching license violations include:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Taking bribes or gifts that negatively affect your judgment
  • Physical mistreatment of students
  • Fraudulent or deceptive practices
  • Misappropriating privileges or school property
  • Sharing the confidential information of students

If you have been accused of any of these or any other offenses, it is important to obtain quality legal representation in the form of an experienced teaching license defense attorney who understands how to present your case effectively.

Can You Be a Teacher With a DUI?

If you have received a criminal felony conviction, you only have eligibility to obtain a position in a school after 10 years have passed from the end date of the sentence for the offense. The eligibility period is five years from the end date for misdemeanors of the first degree. For a DUI offense that is not a first-degree misdemeanor, the eligibility period is three years.

Contact an Experienced Teaching License Defense Lawyer

If you are a teacher in Pennsylvania who has been charged with a DUI or other offense that threatens your teaching license and career, our team of experienced attorneys at Fienman Defense understands what you’re facing. We are able to navigate you through the difficult dilemma in front of you, and we will fight hard to defend your license and freedom.

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