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As a pilot who has worked hard to fulfill the necessary training to obtain your license, you understand that the authorization to fly an aircraft is a distinct privilege. When that privilege is threatened or removed entirely due to an allegation of misconduct or conviction on criminal charges, the consequences can be life-changing. Pilot licenses are subject to scrutiny due to the risk to life associated with any inability or failure to perform one’s job properly. If you are facing charges of misconduct, whether you are a licensed pilot with DUI charges or some other type of allegation of wrongdoing, you need more than just a general practice lawyer who lacks the necessary experience – you need a pilot license defense attorney.

If there is a legal issue threatening your license due to a DUI charge or some other allegation of misconduct, the team at Fienman Defense is uniquely equipped to represent you. We are able to formulate a strong defense on your behalf in the face of any revocation issued against you by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You can trust us to handle your legal fight.

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DUI and Your Pilot License

As a pilot, the FAA requires you to report your DUI offense within 60 days of your arrest. You’re also required to disclose your DUI arrest on the Application for Airman Medical Certificate on a recurring basis.

First and Second and Subsequent DUIs

If you received a first time DUI conviction, the FAA will probably not take action against you. However, if you are arrested for a second DUI within the span of three years from the first conviction, the FAA may take action against/enforce penalties upon you, including the suspension or revocation of your pilot’s license.

Once your DUI is reported to the FAA, they will request documents about the incident. These documents may include a personal statement about what occurred, the police report, and any other court records concerning the case. You will also be required to submit to a drug and alcohol evaluation and fulfill any recommended treatment. Additionally, the FAA will require you to provide your driving records for evaluation. A skilled pilot license defense attorney from Fienman Defense can help you maneuver through all of these requirements successfully.

The FAA keeps track of the number of offenses accumulated by a pilot throughout their career. If you commit a second DUI offense, the FAA may require you to submit to more evaluations. A third offense within your life as a pilot may result in your inability to have access to your pilot license until you submit to a comprehensive medical evaluation that addresses your possible addiction issues.

Representation at Every Stage of the Process

At Fienman Defense, we have your pilot license defense needs covered. From licensing issues to your right to fly as a pilot, we have the resources and experience necessary to help protect your livelihood. Our representation services cover everything from the FAA inspector level, to the ALJ appeal process, to a full appeal before the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and even legal action to the U.S. Court of Appeals if necessary.

If you are facing a legal matter that is threatening your pilot license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a pilot license defense lawyer from Fienman Defense can help. We offer our representation services for pilots regarding a wide range of issues, including:

  • FAA DUI defense
  • FAA enforcement action defense
  • FAA emergency orders of revocation
  • Aircraft accident defense
  • FAA airman medical certificate action defense
  • NTSB appeal litigation
  • FAA emergency orders of revocation
  • FAA fitness for flight defense

If you are pilot trying to protect your license, you need a law firm that understands the complexities that can arise within every stage of the process – including everything from the investigation, to appeals, to other required legal actions.

Contact an Experienced Pilot License Defense Attorney

At Fienman Defense, we understand how to formulate a strong defense on your behalf in order to fight for the protection of your pilot’s license from suspension or revocation. Let a skilled pilot license defense attorney help you save your privileges to serve as a pilot.

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