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Firefighting is a highly noble profession that requires the professionals who take this responsibility upon themselves to face dangerous situations that threaten the lives of many, including their own. As such, a firefighter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must demonstrate reliability and responsibility, as well as the necessary physical strength and skills to perform when duty calls. As a professional firefighter, you have completed the necessary education and training to obtain your firefighter certification. However, if you are now facing a challenge to your certification due to an allegation of wrongdoing, it’s important to have an experienced firefighter license defense attorney on your side.

If a threat to your firefighter certification is looming against you, you can rely on our experienced team at Fienman Defense to take the legal action necessary on your behalf to defend your livelihood and freedom.

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Local Fire Department Disciplinary Procedure

As a firefighter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, if you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), the specific disciplinary actions you may face will be determined by the fire department for which you work. Regardless of the protocol followed by your fire department in terms of investigation and disciplinary procedures, it’s important for you to retain the services of a knowledgeable and effective firefighter license defense lawyer at every stage of the process.

DUI Convictions as a Firefighter

A DUI conviction in Pennsylvania can leave you vulnerable as a firefighter to the same penalties other professionals and non-professionals alike will face. The life-changing consequences you may face for your DUI depend on any past DUI convictions, other criminal convictions, and other disciplinary actions you may have incurred as a firefighter. In any event, a DUI can result in disciplinary action, suspension, or termination depending on several factors about your case that may be considered by your fire department.

You may have asked the question, “can I be a firefighter with a DUI?” The answer is yes, but the resistance and difficulty you may encounter in obtaining a position may depend on whether your DUI conviction is a misdemeanor or felony. If you have a felony DUI on your record, you may face a much harder battle or be required to wait many years until you are able to obtain employment with a fire department that will accept you into its ranks.

Immediately after you have been charged with a DUI, it’s important to obtain the services of a skilled and experienced firefighter license defense attorney who is able to fight for your livelihood and future with intelligent and aggressive representation.

Other Potential Off-Duty Criminal Offenses

At Fienman Defense, we offer strong advocacy for firefighters charged with other types of criminal offenses as well.

Various types of felony and serious misdemeanor convictions can result in the suspension or revocation of your firefighter’s certification and ability to remain under employment at your fire department. Active firefighters or firefighter candidates who admit to a crime for which they haven’t been convicted of also risk license disqualification.

Some additional offenses that may result in temporary or permanent disqualification to serve as a firefighter include domestic violence, sexual assault, theft, violation of a restraining order, and reckless driving.

Substance Abuse Offenses and Issues

Use of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, as well as abuse of prescription drugs may be grounds for your disqualification as a firefighter. Any conviction for the possession or sale of these drugs may also prevent you from obtaining or continuing to work as a firefighter.

It is highly advisable to obtain the services of an adept and experienced firefighter license defense lawyer if you are facing a possible loss of your livelihood as a firefighter due to an allegation misconduct.

Other Possible Consequences

Beyond the legal penalties and loss of employment you face in the aftermath of incurring a DUI charge or other criminal conviction, you also face other consequences. Some of these can include increased insurance premiums, attorney’s fees, loss of driver’s license, and difficulty qualifying to rent an apartment or house.

Our Firefighter Representation Services

At Fienman Defense, we’re able to represent you in any setting that involves your case, including any hearing of the complaints or charges placed against you as a firefighter. Regardless of what your fire department decides to do in response to the complaints against you, we are here to defend you with the skillful and intelligent representation necessary to fight for your livelihood and career.

We can also provide a strong defense on your behalf to defend you against any criminal charges that may subject you to fines and jail time.

Contact an Experienced Firefighter License Defense Attorney

At Fienman Defense, we understand some of the difficulties you may be experiencing as a result of a complaint or charge lodged against you that threatens your livelihood and future. We are determined to fight on your behalf for the preservation of your firefighter certification and freedom.

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