You likely enjoy your profession very much and count on it for your livelihood. However, if an allegation or some type of unprofessional incident has occurred that threatens your credibility, your professional license, and potentially your freedom, you need legal assistance to fight for your rights.

At Fienman Defense, a dental license defense attorney will focus on helping you in the courtroom, and during any administrative hearing process in order to protect your future and defend the status of your dental license.

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Why You Need a Dental License Defense Lawyer

You may feel that you can deal with the issues you are facing regarding the threat to your dental license on your own. However, you should not attempt to defend yourself against accusations of misconduct without an experienced attorney. Whether you are a licensed dentist with a DUI, or have some other type of allegation that must be addressed, representing yourself before any tribunal is just not something that you are trained to do.

As it concerns the administrative hearing process, dealing with Pennsylvania’s State Board of Dentistry involves maneuvering through a long list of administrative rules and legal proceedings and procedures. If you don’t follow these regulations correctly, you risk the future of your professional license. During this process, you need an experienced dental license defense attorney who is able to effectively investigate the alleged facts surrounding your particular situation and present a well-developed case to support your defense before the Board.

DUI Convictions as a Dentist

Can you get a dentistry license with a DUI? Can you renew your dentistry license in the aftermath of a DUI? Dentists are required to report any DUI conviction when they apply for a renewal of their license; in many cases, the reporting requirement is even sooner. If you are applying for a dental license for the first time, you must disclose any DUI conviction on your application. The State Board of Dentistry will review and assess each application on an individual basis before rendering a decision.

If you’re facing a DUI conviction as a licensed dental professional, you must address not only the administrative hearing issues regarding your license, but also the legal issues that may bring about penalties such as fines and/or imprisonment. These consequences can have a debilitating impact on your career.

It is vitally important in such cases to have a dental license defense lawyer on your side who understands the most effective ways to defend you and your livelihood as a dentist in both the courtroom and at the State Board level.

The Administrative Hearing Process

The process involved with the State Board of Dentistry regarding the status of your license begins with a period of investigation that is conducted by the Board. After an investigation has been made regarding the circumstances and facts of your particular case, you and your attorney may be able to negotiate a solution that minimizes the consequences you incur. This includes a determination of the status of your dental license.

If the Board files formal charges against you, you will receive an Order to Show Cause, which is a complaint filed against that explains the relevant allegations you are facing. From there, the case will proceed to a formal hearing that will include motions made by both the prosecutor and the defense. The results of the hearing will conclude in a decision made in your case.

During the entire process, it is essential for your dental license defense lawyer to obtain all documents the prosecution intends to show in the hearing. If necessary, you and your attorney may agree to a consent decree that involves some admission of guilt on your part in exchange for a lesser penalty imposed, which may enable you to retain your dental license.

Other Potential Charges

As a practicing dentist in Pennsylvania, there are a number of other potential allegations that can threaten your freedom as well as the status of your dental license. Two of these include sexual misconduct and drug abuse.

Sexual Misconduct

If you are charged and convicted of any type of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault or other inappropriate behavior in connection with your work as a dentist or even outside of work, you may face serious charges in a court of law. You also face the potential loss of your license.

Drug Abuse Issues

Any dentist who is suspected of using or abusing drugs in the workplace or at home may be reported to the State Board. If you find yourself in this position, and have been found abusing one or more substances, you may face license suspension, probation, fines, or mandatory treatment before you may become eligible to have your license reinstated.

The knowledgeable legal counsel and advocacy of an experienced dental license defense attorney is required in order to effectively defend against the charges both at the criminal courtroom and State Board levels.

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