Pennsylvania is a “shall-issue” state when it comes to the right to carry arms. That means that the state is required to issue a concealed carry permit to any person who applies that is at least 21 years old and does not fall under any category that would preclude gun ownership. Such categories include criminal convictions or mental health diagnoses.

For this reason, it is easy to get a concealed carry permit. Once you apply to the police commissioner and pay a fee, a background check will be conducted using the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS). Afterwards, you should be able to get the permit – if not instantly, within 45 days (assuming that you pass). It should not generally be a matter of subjectivity. Once the paperwork is filed, you should be able to keep the permit for five years. However, keeping your permit can be much more difficult than the process to get the permit.

Carry Permits Revoked in Philly for Minor Infractions

The conditions that would stop you from getting a permit in the first place should be the same as the conditions that would cause you to get your concealed carry permit revoked or to have a renewal request turned down. However, this isn’t always true in practice.

As part of a push in Philly to crack down on crimes, the regulations regarding concealed carry have been followed more strictly than perhaps originally intended. Now some non-violent misdemeanors have caused my clients to lose gun permits. For people who value their Second Amendment rights, this has been viewed as unfair and overly punitive. Even brush-ups with police that do not lead to firm charges are noted and used against clients in applications.

If you believe that your concealed carry permit was unjustly revoked or your application was unfairly rejected, you may have a case to appeal and obtain a license. You will need an experience Philadelphia criminal lawyer to help you prepare to fight for your rights in court or represent you at a gun permit revocation hearing. Call me at (215) 839-9529 for a free consultation on your particular case. I have years of experience successfully fighting weapons charges for my clients.

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