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If you have been charged with a crime, or you are wondering if you might be charged with one, finding an experienced Norristown criminal defense attorney can help you understand what may happen to you. Being charged is not the same thing as being convicted, and in every single instance, there is something that a good defense attorney can do to fight criminal charges.

At Fienman Defense, we are here for you, 24/7. Call us or start a live chat with us at any time, and we’ll ensure that you understand your legal options over a free consultation. Norristown criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman has years of experience fighting criminal charges in this area and defending his clients’ rights. Throughout his work, he has successfully defended people against traffic violations, drug charges, violent crimes, and much more.

You can learn more about how we can help by reading below. Ready to tell us more about your legal situation? Call us today at (610) 828-3338.

Norristown Criminal Defense

Whether you have been charged with theft, domestic violence, or something even more serious, having a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney on your side can ensure the best possible outcome for your case. While the penalties for your case depend greatly on the circumstances, the charges, and whether or not there are any mandatory minimums, here are some of the consequences you might be facing:

  • Costly fines and court fees. These could set you back by hundreds or even thousands of dollars you might not have, meaning a serious financial burden for you or your family.
  • A permanent criminal record. There’s no way around it – a criminal conviction is never a good thing to have on your record. If your record is currently spotless, it’s important to keep it that way. If your record has some blemishes, it’s even more important to keep those convictions in the past and not let a mistake or misunderstanding tarnish your good reputation today.
  • Jail or prison time. Incarceration will likely mean loss of employment and loss of time with your loved ones. It’s also a stressful experience and one that no one wishes to undergo.
  • Loss of driving privileges. Certain criminal and traffic offenses in Pennsylvania mean a temporary – or in some cases, long-term – suspension of driving privileges. If you are found to be driving on a suspended license, you face even greater penalties. We know that driving is akin to freedom, and not being able to drive may prevent you from getting to work, school, or other important obligations in your day-to-day life.
  • Job loss or difficulty finding a job. There are many industries that cannot or will not employ a convicted criminal, making it harder for you to keep your job or find a new one. Your options may be limited.
  • Loss of professional licensure. Are you a doctor, firefighter, teacher, or other professional that requires licensure by a separate board in Pennsylvania? A criminal conviction may mean loss of your license or punishment before your board, along with other penalties.
  • Issue getting or maintaining custody. If you are separated or divorced from your partner and you have children or other dependents, you may face custodial issues – particularly if you were charged with domestic violence, assault, child abuse, or another violent crime.

These are just a handful of the many consequences that come along with a conviction.

Norristown DUI & Traffic Charges

A DUI charge can be extremely stressful. The majority of our DUI clients have never had to deal with the Pennsylvania criminal process before, and they’re wondering about fines, court costs, jail time, and a permanent criminal record for a one-time mistake.

An experienced Montgomery County DUI lawyer like Michael Fienman will review the evidence against you, including police reports and any camera footage from the traffic stop. At Fienman Defense, we also have experience evaluating chemical evidence like blood, breath, and urine tests to see if there were any issues with how the tests were issued or analyzed. We will also work to fight any evidence that was obtained illegally during the stop.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Norristown DUI charge, contact us today for a free consultation at (610) 828-3338.

We also help people who have been charged with moving traffic violations. Paying your ticket essentially means pleading guilty to the traffic charge, and it will probably mean costly fines, points on your driving record, and an increase in your auto insurance premiums. Contact us today to learn more.