The sheer number of available insurance policies is alarming. But are they all necessary? While you may not need additional protection for that TV you bought, some supplemental insurance policies can come in handy.

For instance, if you are going to be carrying a firearm, purchasing concealed carry insurance may be appropriate and is something that all responsible gun owners should consider for themselves.

Here are some details about how concealed carry insurance works and why it may be a good idea to purchase a concealed carry insurance policy.

Concealed Carry in PA

As a shall-issue state, carrying a handgun in Pennsylvania requires a permit for concealed carry.

Once you have a concealed carry permit, you should think about obtaining concealed carry insurance, which is also referred to as firearm liability insurance coverage. Although there is currently no legal requirement to obtain such insurance in Pennsylvania, if you are involved in a situation where you discharged your gun in self-defense, a concealed carry insurance policy would provide you with specific protections.

This is comes in handy if you are engaged in a legal battle concerning the lawful use of your firearm.

What is Concealed Carry Insurance?

Concealed carry or CCW insurance is coverage that provides benefits when you use your firearm in a self or home-defense situation.

Most people believe their homeowner’s insurance policies cover them for incidents involving their firearm, but that is not always the case. Check your policy to know and understand the extent to which you may have coverage. CCW insurance is not insurance in the traditional sense. Unlike the general protections offered by your auto insurance policy, firearm coverage is primarily intended for your legal defense if you were to be subject to a criminal investigation and arrest or civil litigation regarding the discharge of your firearm.

What Does Concealed Carry Insurance Cover?

Every firearm liability insurance policy is different. But generally, a policy provides the policyholder with money to cover costs like:

  • Attorney fees
  • Lost wages
  • Bail bonds
  • Costs of replacing your firearm
  • Medical expenses
  • And more

What If You Don’t Have Concealed Carry Insurance?

There is no legal requirement to purchase this type of protection. However, because owning and carrying a gun comes with various potential consequences, it’s wise to consider the possibility of:

  • Lost income while in custody as a result of a self-defense encounter
  • Money required to post bail – firearm offences often have high bail amounts
  • Paying court fees or costs
  • Retaining a criminal defense lawyer
  • Dealing with any civil litigation

Without adequate firearm liability insurance, you’re at an increased risk of shouldering these costs on your own.

What Types of Concealed Carry Insurance Are There?

While CCW insurance is a relatively new concept, several companies offer wide coverage options. The cost can range anywhere from $10 to $50 per month, with more comprehensive policies available. When you consider the fact that defending yourself in court for an act of self-defense can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, look for coverage that offers protection from:

  • Income interruption
  • Firearm liability
  • Legal defense
  • Bond payment
  • Legal liability for accidental discharge

Should Concealed Carry Insurance Be Mandatory?

Although there are many benefits to obtaining firearm liability insurance coverage, for the time being, the state has not mandated such a requirement.

If concealed carry insurance does become a requirement for those who carry a concealed firearm, individuals who previously purchased coverage will not need to worry about jumping through any additional hoops to remain in compliance with the law.

Need Help? Contact Fienman Defense

If you find yourself facing criminal charges after discharging a firearm during an act of self-defense, you need an experienced defense attorney to represent you. This can clear up confusion, help you avoid formal arrest, and spare you from conviction.

Most, if not all, defense costs may be covered if you have concealed carry insurance. Find out more about how to best approach your defense when you reach out to Fienman Defense for a no-obligation consultation.

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