Thanks for dropping by my site. If you’re on this page, it is likely because you’re curious about who designed it. I receive calls and emails on a regular basis about the site, so hopefully posting this will help you learn about the company I chose to work with, why, and help you reach them.

About the Company

I began working with Postali in late 2011 because I wanted to send a letter to moving traffic and DUI defendants offering my counsel. At the time, my marketing budget was small. We started at a low level monthly, but as time went on, I expanded my campaign to include all the cases I could get within the tri-county region of Philadelphia.

I had a website, which is still online if you really want to see it, but I had not been investing any significant amount of time into building it. In the middle of 2013, Postali reached out about their website development work for attorneys. They had been successfully executing SEO strategies and clients were seeing real results. Having had a growing and successful advertising campaign to-date with them, I decided to jump on board with a most audacious marketing plan: To become the highest ranked defense lawyer in the Philadelphia area.

Behind the scene with Michael Postali

The Design Process

Postali handled most of the process without needing me, which was wonderful since I had a busy schedule with client meetings and court dates. The plan was to launch the site with 400 pages of content, focused on criminal defense, DUI, federal crimes, as well as a legal blog where I can post relevant news and results about my cases. Postali’s team of videographers and photographers took care of all the preparation to gather the necessary assets for my site, and the project coordination couldn’t have gone any smoother.


My search engine ranking results have been nothing but stellar. I am highly ranked for the biggest keywords in the criminal defense space and this website (as of this writing) receives more than 8,000+ visitors monthly. Our work is never done with it, which is what I like about working with Postali. While there are ebbs and flows in the business, we are always working together to achieve more.

In 2014, the website won two awards for design – one by Lawyerist as a Top 10 Legal Website and the other was a national award for Outstanding Website from the Web Marketing Association.

Get In Touch

If you are looking for a legal website, or better put, a marketing team for your law firm, you should give my guys a call. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.[/two_col_75_25_col1][two_col_75_25_col2]2014 W3 award winner

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