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Property crimes have been rising in Upper Southampton Township. Over the past few years, theft, burglary, and even vandalism have become more commonplace. This has led to a police crackdown on property crimes.

While usually relatively minor crimes, people accused of these types of offenses in Upper Southampton Township are often prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Without the help of an experienced Upper Southampton Township criminal defense lawyer, you could easily find yourself facing severe sentences and long-term consequences.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Bristol Township, you will need a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer – an ally who truly understands Pennsylvania’s local laws.

What Can I Do If I’ve Been Accused of a Crime in Upper Southampton Township?

Because of the seriousness with which law enforcement in Bucks County takes all crimes, especially property crimes and drug offenses, people often panic when accused or arrested. This is a perfectly natural reaction, but you do not have to face these charges alone. If you’ve been accused of a crime here, call an Upper Southampton Township criminal defense lawyer immediately. The team at Fienman Defense is available 24/7 to help, and attorney Michael Fienman is dedicated to helping Upper Southampton Township residents fight criminal charges with legal strategies designed to get your case the best possible outcome.

If you are a suspect in Upper Southampton Township, there may be a lot of pressure to speak to police, but you have the right to refuse to answer questions and wait for your lawyer. This is always in your best interest, even if you are innocent. You never know what you could say that may make you seem guiltier. The Constitution gives you the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney for a good reason. Take advantage of these rights.

Bucks County Crimes in Cars

A rash of automobile-related crimes in Upper Southampton Township ranging from joyriding to thefts has led police to issue several warnings to the township about car crimes. Law enforcement in Bucks County is on high alert to look out for such infractions. If you become a suspect for vehicle-related property crimes, you can expect that the police will not take such accusations lightly and that you may be facing harsher charges than you expected.

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable when accused of such crimes. While joyriding or stealing an iPod from someone’s unlocked car may seem like a minor juvenile indiscretion to you, law enforcement is unlikely to have the same view. Minors can expect serious damage to their future if convicted, especially if charged as an adult. Don’t assume that just because you view your child’s behavior as an immature lark that the punishment will reflect that. Without proper Bucks County legal help, you child faces fines, probation, restitution costs, community service, or even jail time if convicted.

Fighting Charges in Upper Southampton Township

If you or someone you care about is arrested in Upper Southampton Township, they face a serious situation. Fighting these criminal charges is a challenge that few are prepared to face alone. With the help of an experienced local Upper Southampton Township criminal defense lawyer, though, you can ensure that your rights are respected and that your case is pursued following a legal strategy designed in your best interest.

By calling a Bucks County criminal defense law firm with years of experience defending clients in the greater Philadelphia area, you give your case the best chance of success. If you are fighting charges in Upper Southampton Township, call Fienman Defense today at (215) 345-4284 for a free consultation where we will listen fairly to your case and give our honest opinion of how we may be able to make your case a success.

Attorney Michael Fienman has years of experience defending people in Bucks County against all sorts of criminal charges, which means that he knows the system and can work it to help your case. If you were arrested elsewhere we may still be able to help. As a greater Philadelphia area criminal defense law firm, we also serve Delaware County and Montgomery County. Call us today at (215) 345-4284 to find out if we may be able to serve you.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the Philadelphia area, you need an attorney who thoroughly understands the way Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system works. Fienman Defense has successfully represented people in the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County. We have the skills to create the solid defense that, depending on the circumstances of your case, can get the charges against you lessened or even dismissed.