An experienced Delaware County attorney can help clear your name.

An arrest in Delco is different from Philly. One significant difference is that Delaware County prosecutes certain crimes more severely. An experienced criminal defender by your side could help you avoid conviction.

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How Criminal Justice in Delco Is Different

Delco is known for its eccentricities. There are often reports of high crime in Delaware County. You might not know how Delco’s criminal justice system differs from Philly and other Pennsylvania counties.

You Could Be Charged without Arrest

In Delaware County, criminal charges can precede your arrest. Police can build a case against you and then present it to the state prosecutor. If the prosecutor thinks there is enough evidence, they may elect to indict you before the grand jury. The first indication that police are investigating you might not be until they show up with an arrest warrant.

We understand how shocking it is to learn that prosecutors charged you with a crime. To avoid making your situation worse, don’t resist arrest. Tell the police that you wish to invoke your right to remain silent and want a lawyer.

Less Availability for the ARD Program

Delco prosecutors are more likely to pursue stiffer penalties for certain crimes. Marijuana possession in Delco is prosecuted more severely than in Philadelphia. There are increased penalties for other crimes as well.

For this reason, there may be less consideration by the state to seek the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition program or other diversion programs. An attorney with a deep understanding of Delaware County’s judicial system increases your chances of qualifying for ARD or a similar program.

Common Criminal Charges in Delaware County, PA

Some types of crimes occur more often than others. You should call an experienced Delco criminal defense lawyer if you are charged or arrested for any crime, including:

The sooner you get a reputable criminal defender on your side, the sooner you can clear your name and resume your life.

Delco Resources for the Recently Arrested

Accessing the contacts and resources you need after an arrest in Delaware County can be stressful. In addition to our award-winning legal services, here are resources to help you get through this challenging time in your life.

Relevant Court and Police Locations in Delco

Delaware County District Attorney
201 W Front St.
Media, PA, 19063

Delaware County Magisterial District Courts
Multiple locations

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas
Delaware County Courthouse
201 West Front St.
Media, PA, 19063

Delaware County George W. Hill Correctional Facility
500 Cheyney Rd. PO Box 23
Thornton, PA, 19373

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office
201 West Front Street
Media, PA, 19063

Online Resources

Delaware County Arrest Records

Delaware County Inmate and Parolee Lookup

Delaware County George W. Hill Correctional Facility Inmate Roster

Arranging Bail in Delaware County

Delco Bail Bonds
214 W Front St. Ste 101
Media, PA, 19063

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Bail Agency/Pre-Trial Services
Courthouse Basement
201 W. Front St.
Media, PA, 19063
Phone: 610-891-4353

Bail Bonds Delaware County PA
Media, PA

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