Multi-State Information Exchange

Pennsylvania is part of a 46-state agreement called the Driver License Compact (DLC),that helps states exchange information about convictions and moving violations.

If you get caught with a moving violation in one of the many states that are part of DLC, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will be notified and the violation will probably be added to your Pennsylvania driving record.

Under the DLC agreement, if another state suspends your license. Pennsylvania will be asked to do the same. This means that if you have your license suspended in New Jersey for DUI, your Pennsylvania license will probably also be suspended.

Minor traffic offenses will be reported to PennDOT, but they will not be added to your driving record unless you hold a commercial driver’s license.

Although in other states you might receive points for a minor offense. like speeding 6 to 10 MPH over the speed limit that took place in another state, in Pennsylvania you will not.

If your license is suspended in another state, the information about your suspension will be accessible through a national database, the National Driving Register.

No matter where you allegedly commit a traffic offense, your insurance company will react the same way. They are just as likely to raise your rates for an offense you allegedly commit in Miami as for an offense in your Philadelphia neighborhood.

How A Lawyer Will Help

When you are up against a traffic violation, you need an attorney who will stand by you every step of the way, work hard to discredit any evidence – and work with you to determine your best course of action.

Pennsylvania Traffic Violation Law

Traffic violation is described and defined under The Pennsylvania Code under Title 75. Read the code here.

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Based on the evidence, Fienman Defense will try to get your traffic violation charges dismissed or lowered. Should the case go to a hearing or trial, we will fight to present the strongest defense possible for your situation.