Bryn Athyn is a historic district northeast of Philadelphia. It’s a safe and cozy place to live and raise a family. But like any region, it’s not perfect. Crimes happen, and whether they’re based on foolish behavior or malicious intent, the police handle them as best they can.

While the police want to the truth in regard to who committed a crime and desire to keep the community safe, the police are not on the same side of the law as an accused. Once someone is arrested, they sit on the other side of the table from law enforcement. Anything that individual says can be used against them in court. That’s why, anyone accused of a crime should specifically ask for an attorney and state they will not speak until their attorney is present. After that, they should remain silent until their Bryn Athyn criminal defense lawyer is in the room with them.

Individuals accused of a crime in Bryn Athyn should know they have the right to a Pennslyvania attorney. Anyone arrested has the right to legal advice, and later, to have a lawyer represent them in a court of law. The accused does not have to speak to the police without the attorney present, and in fact, they shouldn’t.

A defendant should call Montgomery criminal defense lawyer Michael Fienman for a free consultation regarding their case.

DUIs and Traffic Violations

Traffic violations and DUIs are crimes that occur all over America, and Bryn Athyn is no exception. DUIs are incredibly serious and Philadelphia handles them in a unique way compared to other communities. A conviction for a DUI gives you a criminal record, can lead to a license revocation, and can even come with jail time and fines. If you lose your license, you’ll have to find another way to and from work every day and rely heavily on friends and family to help you take care of simple tasks like going to the grocery store or bank.

Other traffic violations can be similarly serious. Minor traffic violations may warrant a citation or ticket, but malicious driving and actions that hurt others can lead to criminal charges. Violations that lead may lead to criminal charges are reckless driving, driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, drag racing, and assault or homicide by vehicle.

Being represented by an attorney for a traffic ticket is just as important as legal representation for a DUI or criminal vehicle-related charges. An attorney will advocate for you in court and protect your rights, ensuring you aren’t taking advantage of by the police or the court system.

Marijuana and Drug Charges

Like traffic offenses, drug crimes range from minor marijuana possession offenses to more serious charges like intent to traffic large quantities of illegal drugs. While there are a range of offenses that come with an equally diverse range of penalties, all of these charges should be taken seriously and the defendant should be represented by an attorney.

A drug-related conviction creates a permanent criminal record that follows the defendant around the rest of his or her life. Whether it was marijuana or heroin, the conviction will pop up whenever he or she applies for a new job, to go to school, or receive a loan.

An attorney can help a defendant prove his or her innocence in order to avoid a detrimental criminal record.


A common crime in Bryn Athyn is theft, which covers everything from bad checks and forgery to shoplifting. It doesn’t matter if the item stolen or the amount of a forged check was less than $50, it can still be charged as a criminal offense. Even as a misdemeanor it has serious consequences, like probation, jail time, fines, and a criminal record. More serious theft crimes can cost the victims thousands of dollars and are likely to be felony charges. Felony convictions come with harsher penalties like high fines and multiple years in prison.

Anyone arrested for a theft crime should have a criminal defense attorney by their side. An experienced lawyer will work to reduce the charges and minimize the consequences of a conviction.

Misdemeanors Have Real Consequences

Many people don’t take misdemeanors seriously, but even one misdemeanor can make a great, trustworthy individual look bad. Young defendants should be particularly wary of misdemeanor charges as they can affect getting into a good college, receiving scholarships and school loans, and getting jobs. Seemingly minor crimes that were relatively easy to deal with can end up haunting someone for years down the road.

Trust Fienman Defense With Your Case

Having an experienced Bryn Athyn criminal defense lawyer by your side when facing criminal charges is crucial and often comforting. A Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer like Michael Fienman, who has years of criminal defense experience, will help you through the paperwork and prep you for court appearances, so you know what to expect from the prosecutor, judge, or jury. Michael will explain the facts of your case honestly, in terms of what benefits you and what hurts you. He’ll fight to reduce or dismiss your charges, prove your innocence, and if necessary, reduce the penalty upon conviction.

If you already have a criminal record, Michael can help you file for expungement or sealing of the record in order to help you move forward with your life. To learn more, call Fienman Defense at (610) 828-3338.